Our Homeschool week January 10th-January 16th 2022

Welcome to our homeschool week and how I plan and work with our son to home educate him. If you follow us on our Facebook or Instagram you will know that whilst I have one child in school, I also home educate our son. This is how we do it.


I plan his work and education around his needs, using some curriculum and some other resources. As we slide back into normal, our typical week is very busy but we prefer it that way. I work around what he wants to learn but also making sure he’s keeping up to date because at some point he wishes to attend dance or drama school and we want to make sure he can do that academically. He is a dancer and his week features a lot of ballet as well as gymnastics and other activities. We also believe in making use of the skills of other people so he has art lessons, and maths tuition to help him learn well and supplement what I teach him. He also does activities like Scouts and a youth group. We know that having a social life with his peers and other children is very important, school isn’t the only place they learn socialisation skills

Our week this week looks like this:

Monday – maths, literacy and geography. A violin lesson and an art lesson. He will also do some exercise with his dad.

Tuesday – French, biology, history. He also has a ballet class.

Wednesday – we are taking a trip to the Natural History Museum to check out the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. He also has ballet in London. We will do some maths and reading as well.

Thursday – he’s asked to go to our local Wetland Centre for some bird watching and activities so we have planned some work around that and it will be a cold but fun day, I suspect. He also has a ballet class as well.

Friday – he does science with his Dad, who helps me with his education. He also has a maths tutorial and a singing lesson. We go swimming too.

Saturday – a busy day with French lessons, gymnastics and a shorter ballet class.

Sunday – he attends a ballet school for lessons all day on alternate Sundays. He’s got annual assessments coming up, and feels very confident he will do well in them.

Topics we are covering this week are:

Maths – algebra, geomatry and estimating and rounding up

French – grammar

History – Normans and Medivial Christianity

Geography – India and it’s population and about India

Science – cells and using a microscope

And that is our week. I think it will keep us both busy…

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