New car vs Pre-loved Car – All You Need to Know

*Sharing a collaborative post about why buying a pre-loved car might be a better investment than buying a new car, that we hope is helpful, if like us, you are looking to replace your car in the next few months.

 Pre-loved Car

Most people know – or assume – that second-hand vehicles are cheaper than new. They also assume that this is a valid pricing quirk. It can come as a surprise, therefore, to find out that not only is buying second-hand a solid financial investment, but that it can net you a better car than you would otherwise have been able to afford. Let us take a look.

Better for the Earth

Making new cars is a resource heavy affair, with mining, chemical processing, and even paint particles being released into the air on a regular basis. Choosing second-hand vehicles keeps existing cars in circulation for longer, thereby reducing the demand for new vehicles to be made.

More Choice Available

When you buy a new car, you are limited by your budget and by the number of new models released onto the market. Each manufacturer can only afford to put out two or three new models, so you are fairly restricted as to what you can get – and more so if you are set on one particular car manufacturer’s work. With a second-hand car, you get to choose from several years’ worth of models – and as a bonus, some of these will come with additional extras already installed by the previous owner.

Financially Prudent

Buying new cars tends to be expensive: all that mining and processing, plus the labour that manufacturing involves, needs to be paid for. Second hand cars, on the other hand, even if in great condition and nearly new, tend to be cheaper. There is a saying that a car loses half its value the moment you drive off the lot, and while this is not true, there is some truth in it: it’s more like ten percent, and the car will hold its value for a few weeks: but after that it does begin to depreciate quite rapidly compared to other assets.

Warranties and Assurances

Ah-hah, you might be saying, there’s no way a new car doesn’t come with warranties and assurances from the lot! You are quite right! But the world of second-hand cars understands that people are reluctant to buy used vehicles sometimes without some reassurance that they are covered in the event that the vehicle turns out to be in worse condition than they had been told. So used cars come with almost the same guaranties as are offered on a new car: making used cars the winner, by quite a margin! Knowing all this might give you an inclination towards buying second hand, so if you are interested in looking for a used car in Brighton? Look no further, KAP has got you covered. Visit now for discounted prices.

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