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Welcome to our corner of the blog where we talk about Shop Small and supporting small businesses featuring Marzipan Artisan

Marzipan Artisan

Supporting small businesses and encouraging people to shop small and handmade is important to us, and we want to make some of those businesses more seen in the post covid times we live in. Shop Small is all about that. These posts are not sponsored or paid, simply us trying to help a community we love.

I LOVE marzipan, I blame my dad for this, he is very fond of marzipan. I have been known to buy a block from the supermarket and eat chunks of it. When I was a child we used to fly home to various countries where my parents were living and my mum would request I bring a block or two of marzipan with me, for Christmas cakes etc, and she’d be lucky if it actually arrived and I hadn’t eaten it.

Marzipan Artisan

Marzipan Artisan is more sophisticated and far prettier than supermarket marzipan with their wide range of edible designs that are also vegan. From fun to party favours, cake toppers, little boxed treats, to Christmas treats (she even makes an advent calendar, thank you very much!) with a lot of creativity involved. You can browse her Etsy shop to see what she has in her range but she also offers customisable options too. There is also an element of eco friendly too, with less plastic and careful packaging of items to reduce waste.

Marzipan Artisan

We can vouch for how good the treats taste. Even the most unhappy Brussel sprout hater won’t be sad with this kind of sprout and we have tried and tested those for Christmas.

You can find Marzipan Artisan on Yumbles, Instagram , Twitter, Facebook and Tiktok too and if you love marzipan or know someone who does, then it’s the perfect spot to choose something handmade, made beautifully and unique too. You may think they are too good to eat, but we promise you will eventually want to eat them…

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