Sending real thank you notes is worth the effort.

*This is a collaborative post sharing why although it’s a bit more effort, sending real thank you notes in the post is worth it and how you can do that with a little help so it’s not stressful. We hope it’s a helpful post*

I must admit I do find writing handwritten letters, notes and cards more work these days. Digital services, messenger services and being able to communicate from your phone, via email or text, makes it very easy to just drop something quick and digital to someone or a group of people, and life can be very busy so convenience means everything.

But, there is something about a note that is handwritten or has taken more effort can be well received and is definitely more meaningful. So when I want to send something that’s a bit more personal, a handwritten note or something that looks like I have made more effort, I will. I do get the children to send thank you cards or notes after they have been given gifts for birthdays and Christmas too.

This year, I have decided to send actual Christmas cards again, after a long break from the effort of doing that. I usually find it stressful but post Covid and the social isolation we all faced, it feels like a nice thing to do, to get back in touch with people and send greetings to friends or family.

sending real thank you notes

If you are writing a one off note, card or letter, it’s usually easy. A nice piece of stationery, a pen that writes well, some thoughtful words and voila, you are good to go. But if you are sending more than one note or message, then a thank you note service might be handy to help you. I know after our wedding, we had a lot of thank you notes to write, and being able to have a more organised way of doing that but still keeping it personal, to the many people who came to our wedding or gave us gifts, would have been so handy. We were both very busy students at the time so it took us a while to get that done. Using a digital service that sends a handwritten, personalised note or message, by post has got to be one of the more clever ideas I have seen. If you are getting married or replying to many thank yous after a big event, I would say you need to look into using a service like this.

As a business owner, I also know that sending something personalised to people I work with, makes a big impact. It makes a difference when I know someone has made an effort to communicate with me, even if it’s just a little “thank you for your order” with my name on it, card, in a delivery.

sending real thank you notes

But I also know that if you are replying to more than a handful of clients or people you have worked with, it is quite time consuming to hand write notes, so using a service that can send or print notes for you is a tool that you should take advantage of. The small cost outlay using a service sending real cards that saves you time is definitely worth it.

Some people may think it’s old fashioned but sending real notes to say thank you, to show is still something people appreciate. You can modernise it by using a service to help you. You get the best of both worlds, so why not mix old fashioned with digital and make it work for you?

Do you still send thank you notes or cards?

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