Epic Escapes – bring the escape room home

We were kindly sent Escape Room in a Box from Epic Escapes to try at home. All opinions are our own.

Play a game, but with a difference.

We are going to have a fun evening doing something new to both of us. The husband has always been keen on trying an Escape room experience at some point, which isn’t something I am that excited about to try in real life, although I am sure I probably would enjoy it if I really tried, but Epic Escapes have a solution which means we can play in the comfort (and comfort zones) in our own home and the kids can join us too – ok, so this bit isn’t going to be THAT romantic, but it will be a lot of fun and that’s what we are aiming for.

Are you ready for the challenge of helping your teammates escape?

Epic Escapes

You have just 60 minutes to escape the room, so you need to get cracking as the clock is ticking! Each of the elements you need to crack the codes can be found in your very own at-home escape room, but will you decipher the clues fast enough to escape?

Teamwork, creativity, logic, and attention to detail will be needed to unlock the door and make your escape in time!

This is no ordinary board game and is in fact a brilliant alternative to get you using your wits and skill and would be fun for an evening or games night with friends but is particularly fun for a different kind of activity to play or do when you are with friends or family and a great gift idea too. You can all pretend to be spies, James Bond, Tom Hanks in the Dan Brown movie series. My husband loves this idea and he loves the concept and play of Epic Escapes and their interactive game at home.

We are excited to offer one reader here a chance to win an Epic Escapes set for themselves. All you have to do is to comment here telling us who you would like to play this game with and why then click on the link below to enter and complete your entry. One winner will be chosen on the 3rd of February 2023 and sent a game to enjoy at home.

Good luck. Happy Escaping. The winner will be picked and contacted via email on the 3rd February 2023 and will have 14 days to respond. Please check our GDPR policy for privacy terms and how we store your data.

Win an Escape Room Game RRP £99
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  1. We really miss doing escape rooms as a family, this would be a great way to do one in the safety and comfort of our own home

  2. Would love to do this with my parents and partner! We make a really good team and would be fun to see how quickly we can complete it.

  3. Like your husband, I have always wanted to try an escape room but never got round to it. I would love to play this with my family as I know we would all enjoy it.

  4. My friends and I love going to escape rooms, we’ve done about 6 in the last year. Would definitely be fun to try this twist on them!

  5. I’d love to play this with my family. This weekend we went out and took part in a Clued Up detective day where we had to solve a lot of riddles on our quest to identify a murderer. The girls really enjoyed it because it was something so different. I’m sure they’d love this too!

  6. My partner and our closest friends, as we have love escape the rooms and have visited most of them in the city.

  7. Would do one with my husband, neither of us have actually done an escape room yet but are both desperate to try one. we love puzzles, we just can’t afford to book an escape room just yet

  8. This would be awesome for our family games nights! Once a month we attempt to get the kids off their xboxes and play some family games. They always moan, but actually love it!

  9. I’d like to play this with my husband and 2 teens, my 2 teens have visited an escape room and loved it so I think it would be great fun to play together

  10. I would love to play this with my husband, best friend and her partner. We went to a great escape room in Colchester to celebrate a birthday and we had the best time! Would be perfect to add in to our monthly games night.

  11. I’d would play with my son and husband as the nights will be drawing in soon and we will be spending more time indoors.

  12. I recently got engaged in an escape room. My fiancé and I had a blind first date in an escape room 5 years ago and have done 30 games since! We now have a toddler and can’t get out as much so would love to try one at home! Fabulous giveaway! Thanks ☺️

  13. I’d invite the family over so we could all play together, we love to play games at xmas and we could maybe have an Easter party!

  14. Sounds great fun. We would play this on a family games night. My daughter is now of an age where she can take part and help us in clue solving (and as much help as possible is definitely needed!).

  15. I have a group of friends that love to play board games together and this would be fab to add to the collection

  16. This would definitely be for myself and my husband for our weekly date night. I’ve got quite a few Escape Room games on my wishlist to get so this would make a great addition.

  17. Have done a couple of escape rooms in the past and have really enjoyed them. Would prefer todo at home with all the kids so that they can do too. Previously been with work colleagues.

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