An Etsy Christmas wish list

With Christmas coming, I thought I would share some of my Etsy Christmas wish list with you, and you never know, it might give you some ideas as you plan your Christmas shopping.

I am a big fan of Esty and often will browse there looking for items, when I need a hand made gift, or something unique or I want to support a small business I know that sells there, rather than the usual commercial sites that we all often opt for. We prefer to keep Christmas simple and stress free in our family, but I do like to make sure the gift giving is perfect and fun and that I get people what they want and need and making the gifts mean something.

This post does contain affiliate links, that if you click through to, and make a purchase, will earn me a small amount of revenue. They will be marked with * for your reference.

There are so many lovely items to suit all budgets and choices, and you can choose something small and hand made, or bigger and more practical, depending on who you are shopping for, or simply to treat yourself.

I have a very old and tatty looking iPad case, and have been sending serious hints to the husband about getting a new one. I don’t like traditional flap or hard cases so I have my eye on a sleeve*, which looks professional for meetings but will also protect my precious iPad which basically contains my whole life in one space.

etsy Christmas wish list

I still have long hair (although I keep seeing people say that women “my age” should not have long hair) and am being treated to a style and cut in the new year, so thought that I might splurge on some hair accessories. This bow* caught my eye, it comes in a few beautiful colours and is perfect for long hair and a great stocking filler for anyone with long hair who loves bows and ribbons.

Etsy christmas wish list

If you know me in real life, you will know that I love using an ink pen, instead of a biro or gel pen, and have several well used and much loved fountain and ink pens. For writing cards and gift tags I love a striking ink, in a vibrant colour and this beautiful deep red ink* caught my eye, so it’s definitely on my Esty Christmas wish list and if Santa doesn’t bring it, I will be sneaking it into my shopping basket myself.

Etsy Christmas wish list

I also have some Etsy Christmas wish list ideas for people in my life and a few things stashed in my basket ready to go.

These adorable car earrings* are cute, but not for me, rather for my teenage daughter, who like her mother, loves all things cat related. You can never have enough earrings, she tells me, so I think she will like these to add to her collection.

Etsy Christmas wish list

She’s also asked for some mittens, and like me, she likes her fingers free, so these gorgeously soft mittens* with a convertible flap to cover fingers when they get cold, I think are perfect and she will love them.

My son has asked for a customised phone case* this year, so I have planned to order a phone case for him, with his favourite picture from his other passion (if you know us, you will know he’s training to be a dancer) which is football, and I think he will be delighted. Phone cases can make a great present or stocking filler.

I also happen to know that the husband wants a new watch strap this year. He prefers something a bit more classic and conservative for wearing for work, so this strap* should be perfect for him, and should fit his watch well. We tend not to do big gifts for adults in our house for Christmas but we do get nice stocking fillers and this is a perfect gift for that.

When all is said and done, I could add so many things to my Etsy Christmas wish list, but I have to restrain myself and just pick a few things. It’s never easy deciding what to choose, but I do like that you can also get custom made Christmas cards* and wrapping paper. I do tend to prefer to use more eco friendly wrapping ideas these days but these Santa sacks* are also a great idea if you want to do less wrapping paper and waste but still make Christmas gift giving fun and magic.

Now best I get organised and do some shopping so it’s all ready in time for Christmas. What would you put on your Etsy Christmas wish list?

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