Wicked Uncle Christmas Gift Ideas for 3 year old boys

This is a partnership post with Wicked Uncle, sharing some gift ideas for Christmas. I hope you find it helpful, as the festivities and fun approach and you look at your to do list of Christmas present shopping.

I happen to LOVE Christmas gift shopping, but definitely tend to prefer to tackle that from home with my laptop online. I have a handful of people in my life to shop for each year and right now, I have two children I look after who have been added to my gift list. It’s been a while since I gift shopped for little boys (my “little” boy is now a teenager) so it’s been a bit of a learning journey for me to see what’s out there that’s fun and ideal in terms of presents for that age group again.

I remember being a parent of a younger child and feeling slightly stressed when well meaning relatives and freinds gifted my children toys that were either not appropriate or noisy toys that didn’t have off buttons (Who makes these?? Clearly someone who never had children, apparently) or that took up loads of space at home.

So I am very careful when gift buying for children that are not my own, to check with their families for ideas and what may or may not work. Fortunately Wicked Uncle have some brilliant ideas to help make Christmas gift giving that bit easier and save you time and stress and they have a great range of toys and gift ideas to suit budgets and ages and I have foind some brilliant ideas for the little boy I look after. I want soemthing he can play with again and again, that is fun, but also has an edcuational slant.

He’s a huge dinosaur fan, so this dinosaur magnetic puzzle box is ideal to keep him exploring his passion. We spend a lot of time looking at books about dinosaurs so this is a perfect extension of that.

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Colouring and drawing are always a great actibity for toddlers, and three year olds generally are learning to hold a pen or crayon and practice their hand eye coordination skills and colouring ability so some crayons, like these from Ooddle Doodles that are easy to hold and attractive to their eye are a great present idea.

Whilst I am personally averse to noisy toys that don’t switch off, I do love an action toy that appeals to children, and they are great for imagintion, creative play and fun, so this cute little robot that fetches and carries is perfect for that, with fun features that appeal to kids but also encourigng their minds and helping them to explore.

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I know that little boys at the age I am looking after enjoy exploring and creating so I like to find things that can foster that and help them, whilst always making things fun.

I love this 1-2-3 Build It set that can be a car, helicopter or a train depending on the creative mood and it’s an easy toy for them to enjoy with hours of fun and imaginative play to be had.

if puzzles and encouraging thinking skills are something you are looking for, I really like this Lacing Puzzles kit, which is educational but also encourages fine motor skills. We had a set of puzzles like this when my son was little and he loved it and it kept him busy for hours. It’s a great little gift idea and also might be handy for in the car or travelling to keep them amused.

Once I have finished adding a few things to my basket I am fairly certain I don’t need to go elsewhere for shopping for the three year old boy in my life, and Wicked Uncle really do make it easy, because you can add gift wrap to your order which means one less thing to worry about and another thing ticked off my gift shopping list. They also do gift vouchers which are super handy if you can’t decide what to get, or want to give your gift recipient options, but to be honest, you are spoiled for choice and I think the only problem you will have is choosing WHAT to get. Unfortunately I can’t help you with that… πŸ˜‰

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