Delicious and Easy Flapjacks

This is our easy recipe for flapjacks, that I make when I need to put something baked together fast. The ingredients are all mostly store cupboard things you would normally have and you can fancy them up by adding chocolate chips or dried fruit if you want to.



300g of oats – if like us you need gluten-free oats then these work for us

50g of sugar

50g of butter or margarine or butter depending on your allergies if you have them

50g of plain flour

30ml of golden syrup

  • First, mix 50g of plain flour and 100g of oats into a large mixing bowl
  • Then, melt 50g of sugar, 50g of butter or margarine and 30ml of golden syrup on a hob – make sure you melt it on the lowest heat possible
  • As soon as the sugar, butter and golden syrup is melted, straightaway add the oats covered with flour in.
  • After this, pour the mixture onto a pre – oiled baking tray; smooth it out with a spoon – *TOP TIP* – add oil to the spoon to stop the mixture from sticking to it.
  • Put in a pre – heated oven at 180 degrees for 15 – 20 minutes
  • Once the flapjacks are cooked, take them out of the oven and immediately cut into the size of your choice – then leave to cool.

Finally serve or leave in a container. You can leave the flapjacks for up to 3 days but if you live in a house like mine they won’t last that long. These make my mum very happy when I make them, but I have to tell her she can’t eat them all when I am at school!

If you like these, you may also like our allergy-friendly chocolate chip cookies too.


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  1. Great recipe! So easy and delicious. Cheaper and tastier than store bought granola bars. I made this exactly as written, and wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you for sharing this with us, Karen!

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