Managing my menopausal blood sugar with Nutrikane

*This is a partnership post, with Nutrikane. I am sharing my story as I deal with menopause and managing health issues around that. You should always seek medical input and advice before making dietary or lifestyle changes when dealing with health issues*

I have been struggling with some health issues for some time. Nothing life threatening but enough of an issue that I have finally had to, as they say “face the music” and address them. I entered menopause in 2021 and have been struggling to loose some weight I gained prior to that, after the cumulative effect of major knee surgery, being unable to exercise, covid lockdowns impacting my mental health and life just generally being all about managing everyone else’s needs and me not being very good at looking after myself.

So no more excuses. Whilst I don’t make resolutions in January or at the end of a year, I have decided that this year, I really and I mean REALLY do need to start looking after me more.

I am currently dealing with back pain, which we strongly suspect will ease if I loose some weight and am able to exercise more, and I have some other health issues that will hopefully improve if I make changes to my lifestyle.

I don’t believe in dramatic diets, or weird diet pills but I am always open to trying things that will help me manage my health and wellbeing so I am trying a Nutrikane product, their NutrikaneD supplement which can help lower blood sugar levels. I am not diabetic but there is a link between blood sugar levels and hormone issues in menopause and I have got a family history of type 2 diabetes so this seems like a good option to help me as I make some changes to what I eat, fuel my body with, and how I look after myself to hopefully feel better in my skin and in my body.


Nutrikane D was developed in hosptials to help people manage blood sugar levels so it’s not a gimmick and it works to help stabilise blood sugar levels. NutriKane D improves insulin sensitivity which means less insulin is needed. It has been shown to slow or prevent long-term deterioration of symptoms.

It’s uncomplicated to use (which is great, because this busy mum does not have time for faffy things in her quest to feel better) and I simply need to add the measured amount to water and drink it with two meals in my day. Simple…

I am usually very skeptical about things that claim to help with health and potentially assist with the hard work of loosing weight and making better lifestyle choices, but I have heard some really good things about NurikaneD and the medical science behind it, so I am really looking forward to see what it can do for me.

I will be sharing how I get on, and will do an update in a week or two with how it’s working for me.

So watch this space, and see how I get on, as I look after me and my health more, after neglecting myself for so long…

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