The cat’s pyjamas, or something special for Mum?

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of self care but recently might have neglected that for myself, so when Identity Lingerie asked me if I would like to practice some self love and selfcare with their support and kindly sent me some beautiful new pyjamas, I was inspired to get back on track with looking after me. Because if I can’t look after me and feel good, then I can’t really look after anyone else, can I? As a busy, working mum, I need to be ok and feeling like I have life under control, for my family who rely on me.

I must admit that one area I have neglected for a while is nightwear and nice pyjamas for me. I might have, ahem, being wearing slightly tatty old t-shirts and a pair of pyjamas I have had since my son, who is now. ahem (again) almost 14, was a baby. That’s shocking isn’t it?

So, in an attempt to improve my bedtime self care and feel good factor, a pair of silk pyjamas in my favourite colour, pink is a perfect way to improve on this problem.


Identity Lingerie create amazing lingerie and nightwear that makes bedtime or getting dressed feel less ordinary, and their philosophy and zero waste practices are definitely what we need as the world becomes more aware of fast fashion and clothing waste.

We transform our fabric remnants into stylish hair accessories and packaging pouches, as well as repurposing tiny pieces for button production. We donate our old stock fabric and leftovers to Ukrainian charities which produce linens and undergarments to be used in hospitals for the wounded, as well as military camouflage nets.  By prioritising timelessness over fast fashion trends, we integrate the same fabrics throughout different collections from season to season. This allows us to reduce excess fabric waste. 3-5 times a year, we source materials in small batches after carefully analysing consumer trends and patterns. This approach prevents overstocking and ensures nothing at all goes to waste.

They have a wonderful selection of lingerie and pyjamas in all sorts of glamorous but incredibly grown up and luxurious feeling styles. You know you are getting items made with thought and care because of their less wasteful and more environmentally conscious outlook and when your chosen item arrives it’s truly a delightful experience and the perfect self care treat for anyone, not to mention this tired mum who needs a boost.

They come with a beautiful bag to store them in and they are amazingly comfortable and wonderful to wear. I feel like I need to be in a fancy hotel room somewhere ordering expensive room service and drinking fancy cocktails.

They make a perfect gift or pick me up for anyone and are incredibly well made and high quality and if you don’t feel a bit special wearing them, then I don’t know what will.

I am not a “things” person generally but I do appreciate little touches of luxury and nice items that make me feel less like a tired mum and a bit more like a person who looks after herself and knows that selfcare and feeling good make life work better all round.

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