Easy blossom craft activity for kids (and adults)

I work with children, two days a week, in my job and this blossom craft activity dropped into my head, when I was planning some curriculm activities to do with a group I run. It’s very effective but also not hard to do, and works for younger children, with adult help and older children who want to let their creative streak loose (and adults too, crafts and creativity are not just for kids)

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I am not creative naturally but even I can pull this one off and it went down a treat with the 2-4 year olds at my group. You can also adapt it to autumn or winter by changing the colours but it’s a great spring activity as the trees begin to blossom.

blossom craft

For this blossom craft you need:

  • Tissue paper. We used shades of pink and white and three A4 sized sheets for each colour. You can use more or less depening on the number of children creating the craft.
  • UPVC glue. And we use these* because they are easy for little hands to use and are not messy
  • Some washable paint, in pinks, in pots with brushes for painting. If you really don’t want to use paint, then we would suggest trying some non messy paint sticks which are just as good and less messy than painting can be with small children.
  • A tree template – you can draw your own, or have the children draw their own and paint it but we chose to use a Twinkl tree template which worked really well.

It’s pretty simple to create the blossom trees. If hands are too little you can rip the tissue paper into the small pieces they will need but if the children want to (and it’s a good sensory activity) they can help with that. You create a small pile of each colour you want, then they scrunch up the paper so it looks like blossom. We found using some paint in the blossom colours first to give some background then sticking the scrunched paper, worked really well and there were some beautiful results produced. I think we will be using this craft again and changing the colours for autumn.

blossom craft

So if you are looking for an easy spring blossom craft, why not give this one a go? If I, the queen of uncreative and crafty can pull it off, I am sure you can too…

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