A simple sunflower seed planting craft for kids

If you are looking for a simple and easy craft for kids, this simple sunflower seed planting craft is perfect. You can do this for any celebration day, like Father’s Day, or as a fun gift to give someone.

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We did this at our toddler group and it went down really well with both adults and children, because it’s easy, and it’s also a great gift idea as well as being a learning activity. Depending on the age of the children, you can work in teaching about seeds, how they grow and plant care. I would say it’s suitable from 2 years up with some adult supervision.

Sunflower seeds

You will need:

  • Small pots* for planting
  • Compost
  • Plant tags and a pen* to write on them
  • Seeds – we used sunflower seeds but you can use any seed you like that will grow in a small pot and can be replanted in a bigger pot. Sunflower seeds are easy to grow indoors as well as outdoors so we chose those.
  • If you are making these at a group where they will be taken away, by children, don’t forget to have some sort of bag or container they can put their pot in to avoid it spilling in transit.

You will also need something to scoop the soil into the pots. We actually used dessert spoons because they were the right size for our pots but you can improvise accordingly.

Take your compost and fill your small pot to about 2/3 full. Choose a seed, and place it in the compost. Add a thin layer of compost on top and press it down gently.

Make sure you add your plant marker with the name of the person the sunflower seedling will belong to and some care instructions. We put “I like to be in a sunny spot, and watered often, but not too much water”

And voila, a really pleasing little activity that also makes a simple but thoughtful gift for someone and if it’s coming home with or going to someone else, you can encourage them to share it’s growth progress to add to the learning process. You can measure how tall the sunflower is growing and even harvest the seeds from the sunflower when it has finished its life cycle.

They can be planted out when they are big enough to grow to full size, or can be planted in a bigger pot indoors if you don’t have a garden. You can find more sunflower seed growing instructions here to help.

Sunflower seed

We made some, even though my kids are definitely are not toddlers, they still love doing things like this, so it’s not just for little ones.

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