Life with food intolerances


Before I met and then married LSH, I really didn’t know much about food intolerances other than that people could be allergic to foods, like peanuts and shellfish. I knew a little, from working as a nurse, but being married to him, and learning to cook and feed a person with non only a gluten intolerance but a cows milk intolerance, has been an interesting journey.

He and Little Man are intolerant to cows milk products, to be more precise, they have a casein allergy. This means that when they consume anything with cows milk in it, they develop a reaction, almost instantly, (LSH can tell almost immediately, if he has eaten something with cows milk, in it) and with some physical side effects. Both have been tested for this, and medically diagnosed. So, we avoid all cows milk products, and have learned what works, as alternatives. We use goats and sheep’s products, which don’t seem to induce any reaction and are tolerated by them both.  Fortunately, both LSH and Little Man do not suffer from anaphylaxis when they consume anything with cows milk in it, but the side effects are uncomfortable and can make them both feel unwell.

LSH is also gluten intolerant, and tries to avoid eating products with gluten in them. This covers wheat products, and also some oat based products.

It can make feeding my family, healthy, tasty meals a bit challenging at times, but I have learned how to scrutinise labels on products, work out what food terms are, and what means what on an ingredient list, and also what works when substituting. Things have changed a lot, since I started, with many more foods and snacks, and meals being available either gluten, dairy free or both and lots of companies producing alternatives that are good to eat, and don’t cost the earth.

We share recipes, products we love, the occasional informational post, and we also review gluten and dairy free, particularly cows milk free products.

Hopefully this section of the blog will be a helpful resource to families with food intolerances.


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