Hot chocolate ingredients, and a blender, carton of oat milk

Deliciously Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

My lovely friend Danielle, who is an amazing cook, baker, creator of beautiful things, who is also a busy wife and mum, kindly shared this recipe with me, and said she was happy for me to share it here. I happened to be looking for a lower sugar, dairy free hot chocolate recipe and she […]


Can a dairy free cheese sauce work?

I love to experiment with my cooking. A lot of the time the results are happy and the children and husband eat what I have made with no complaint and sometimes, if I have struck really lucky, they say I can make it again. Sometimes it doesn’t work out so well and my taste testers […]


Gluten free Yorkshire puddings

I have been using a recipe I have adapted based on a traditional recipe. I can hand on heart say, that if you eat these, you would not know they are gluten free. They came out crispy and golden and soaked up gravy beautifully. I am delighted they worked out. These really are amazing, gluten […]