So, sleep? We are actually getting some!


Yes, you read it right. I posted on our Facebook page, last week, that we had had a breakthrough, and were cautiously optimistic that more sleep was coming our way, and it seems to be a regular thing now. Small Boy, of his own accord, like he seems to do with everything else, decided that he wanted to use the Gro Clock that we bought him (which, originally, he had figured out how to stop and change it’s settings, he’s not his father’s son for nothing!) and after chatting to him about sleeping in his own bed when the clock face was blue, and that when it was yellow, he could come and jump into our bed and wake us up, we thought we would re try it. I was pretty sceptical, but lo and behold, it has worked. He wakes up, potters about in his room, or reads in bed, or just chatters to himself, then when the clock face changes to yellow, he runs through to tell us, and climbs into bed, and I get lots of kisses and snuggles. He is so proud of himself, and we are delighted and proud too. He is sleeping all night, but if he does wake, he will settle easily, either on his own, or if one of us goes through to reassure him.

We have gone from a “good” sleeper (he got himself into a good sleep routine, on his own from about 8 weeks old, nursing regularly but sleeping well) to dreadful sleep as the ear infection issues and growth and development spurts kicked in. I semi calculated, that over a 2.5 year period, with average sleep being 7-8 hours per night, for a normal person (or what I need) that we have missed out on at least 5000 hours of sleep. We are starting to feel normal again, and it is so good. He is so much happier, and more himself, now he is also sleeping well, and his behaviour and anxiety/clinginess is almost minimal. The combination of having his ears healed, and good sleep patterns is making the world of difference.

I have a lot of sleep to catch up on, so does LSH, but for now, we are enjoying the new normal. I know it may not be perfect, and I know he may have patches where he doesn’t sleep as well, as is normal, for any child, but this new routine and sleep is wonderful. I have blogged a lot about our sleep issues, here, here and here, if you are new to our story.

This is a short, and sweet Magic Moment for this week’s link up with The Oliver’s Mad House. Click on the linky to read some of the others who have linked up this week!

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  1. Thank goodness!!! Do you feel like a new woman? I find I am a much better parent on a decent night’s sleep.

    • I am slowly adjusting to more sleep, it has taken me a few days to actually get used to it, but I am enjoying it now, and feel far more capable of coping with life! Thank you! 🙂

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