How to interact with an introverted person…

I don’t normally share memes or pictures that do the usual rounds on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, unless they are really funny, because, well, just because I don’t. However, I really liked this one, and as an introverted person, who has spent most of her life learning how to cope with interacting with other people (and those of you that know me, know the work I do, won’t believe me, but I promise it is true) and dealing with an introverted personality and mild sensory processing issues, this sums me up perfectly. One of the reasons I love social media is my ability to control my exposure to people, with it. I can chat, socialise, interact, in a way that I feel comfortable with.


BmqPwk7 (1) fqmS0qy (1) So, the next time you meet me, or the first time you meet me, I will be happy to hug you, but just ask first and if I seem a little shy, or talk too fast, now you know why! 🙂

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    • I do mostly do that. The job I do involves working with lots of people and families though, so I am often very tired at the end of the day, emotionally, as well as physically, but am learning how to recharge and I love what I do, so I manage it ok! 🙂

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