White and mint tea recipe.

I am not a fan of herbal teas, or green or white teas, to be honest. I find them very tart or bitter, and the only way I can drink them is by adding a lot of sugar or honey, which probably then negates the benefits of the actual tea. I do like Earl Grey tea, black, with lemon, but coffee is my main beverage of choice. However I do try and temper my coffee consumption and drink herbal teas and if I find one I like I will drink it.

I rather like this tea drink from Marks & Spencers but it is quite high in sugar content, and it comes in a plastic bottle, so whilst I like it, I thought I might be able to reacreate it at home.

Mint Tea 1

You can drink the recipe I have come up with sweetened or unsweetened, it’s very refreshing either way. I like it with a teaspoon full of honey, and prefer to drink it cold, but it can be served hot too, if you prefer.

You need 

White tea bags or leaves – I find tea bags less faff.

Fresh mint leaves – You could try it with mint tea bags, but I find mint tea quite bitter and hard to get the taste right

Honey, or your sweetener of choice

Mint Tea 2

Steep a white tea bag in boiled water, which has been allowed to sit after boiling, (don’t use boiling water straight from the kettle) for about 3-4 minutes, or use two tea bags if you want the taste to be stronger.

Mint Tea 4

Remove the tea bag, then add a handful of freshly chopped mint, and let it “stew” in the tea.

Mint Tea 3

Strain the tea, and then add your sweetener of choice, to taste. I used honey, but you can use stevia, sugar, or what works for you.

Place in fridge, to cool, then enjoy with a sprig of mint, in your favourite tall glass or mug. It will keep for 24 hours in the fridge.

This is great if you want to skip coffee or just want something different. It’s also good post a tummy bug or as an after dinner digestive tea too.

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