A Sleep Hotel?

Is there such a thing as a sleep hotel for tired parents? This is part a tongue in cheek post, but part serious…


I was going to blog about our sleep issues, again, because frankly, I am tired and the sleep situation here is frankly probably what the United Nations would consider a form of torture, but that will have to keep until tomorrow.

I was having a moan, on social media, this morning about our current sleep situation, when it came to me. Why hasn’t someone come up with a hotel, or special place for parents, to sleep and rest. We don’t live in “the village” any more, where people used to help you parent, take your children, support each other, and I know SO many parents are exhausted with all that we have to do, and rarely get proper breaks and time out, to rest, recuperate, or just get a jolly good nap, to refresh them for facing sleepless nights. I know anyone can check into a hotel, and sleep, but in reality, for parents, that’s not practical. Yes, I could probably pop down to our local Holiday Inn for a few hours of kip, if I really wanted to, but what I am talking about is special facilities for parents. Not a holiday club, not a holiday resort, but a place where tired parents can go, know their kids are safe, well cared for, and being looked after by qualified carers, while they rest, relax, read, and just get some time out for a few hours. Most of us can’t afford au pairs, or live in child care, to come and be in our homes, to help us, and frankly, I don’t relax at home, knowing how  much I have to always get done, and that my to do list is unending. If I get a day off alone at home, I don’t rest, I clean, tidy, catch up on admin or see friends I don’t normally get to see. Going somewhere to rest sounds idyllic!

Sounds ridiculous right? Or would you be keen?

Why hasn’t someone marketed this, or have they and it didn’t work? Or is this something that I just didn’t know about?

I am off to do some research….

Sleep hotel for tired parents? I reckon it would be a fortune maker, and be booked up immediately.


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  1. This post made me smile! And yes, a sleep hotel for parents sounds like an awesome place for any parent who’s suffering from the torture of sleep deprivation.
    Back in the day when my twin daughters were little & I worked very long hours, my sister offered me her bed for the afternoon while she kept my beloved daughters amused. At 8pm I was still out for the count!

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