What’s your vice? Mine is coffee…

I have one vice, I like to think and it might be time for me to cut back, and reduce my consumption. I bet you can guess, if you follow me in any way shape or form, on social media, or know me in real life, what it is….?


Yup, if you guessed coffee, you were right.

To be fair, I don’t “think” I would classify myself as addicted to coffee, but I do enjoy my morning cup, first thing, and then a second cup, in the  middle of the morning. I have fine tuned my consumption, because I know that if I have more than that, I suffer some side effects. I get jittery, and struggle to sleep, and it can also trigger a mild anxiety attack. Hmm, maybe it is an issue after all. I don’t get shakes or feel rough if I don’t have a coffee, although I have noticed I get a headache, if I don’t have any for 24-48 hours. Withdrawal, maybe?

I don’t drink a great deal of alcohol, I don’t eat a lot of bad foods, although I notice there are a few of those shots that include cake (that will have to stop, getting the knee in better shape!) I don’t gamble, smoke or spend a lot of money on things for myself, but a decent cup of coffee or two, per day, is my little “vice”. My pleasure in life. Something I look forward to. I am very picky about what I drink, and I am very spoiled in that I have a husband who prides himself on making excellent coffee, mainly for me to drink.

Next week, I am meeting a friend of mine, who is a qualified nutritionist, to talk through my health, well being and make a plan to help me get as fit as possible, and work on some issues, as well as help me get in the best shape I can, for the “knee” procedure that is likely to happen next year.  I have a funny feeling she may chide me gently on my coffee consumption and suggest that I need to cut back a wee bit. She will probably be right. We shall see if I can reduce the amount I drink, and hopefully it won’t be too much of a shock to my system. I might be able to get down to one cup a day, instead of my usual two brews. I don’t think coffee is actually bad for me, in fact there are some studies that say a good cup of coffee can have some serious health benefits, but maybe I do need to cut back a little. Too much of a good thing, or pry my lovely warm cup of caffeine filled  goodness from me?

It’s my vice. What’s yours and would you give it up to get healthier or for a season to see if you feel better without it?


You can’t tell me this photo doesn’t make coffee look good can you? 😉

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  1. I have a couple of costa hot chocolates every week one or two without fail normally! I don’t have to and can steer clear to save pennies but it sure makes me feel good to have one! X

  2. I’ve always been a bit of an espresso guy. My son has got me into cold brew coffee which I now do at home. I think it tastes better and not so bitter, which means I’m drinking a little more that I did before. I think I need to find out whether it has more or less caffine. I’d be interested to hear what your nutritionist friend thinks.

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