Heartburn or indigestion in pregnancy? Gaviscon was my answer…

Heartburn and indigestion, are a common complaint, for many people, but can be a vey unpleasant thing to suffer from when you are pregnant.

I often joked that when I was pregnant, with both of my babies, about the hideous pregnancy induced heartburn, that arrived in the third trimester and plagued me daily and nightly until I gave birth, that the only thing that helped was a soothing dose of Gaviscon  from the  enormous bottles prescribed to me by my doctor, and the pharmicist used to tell me the big bottles were always sold out to all the pregnant ladies that came into his dispensary too. I was convinced my babies would be born with a Gaviscon coating, and smelling vaugely of Aniseed (my favourite flavor, when pregnant) because it literally stopped me suffereing and feeling awful. I kept a bottle by my bed and a bottle in my handbag. 

But having something like Gaviscon to hand, is generally very handy, all year round because you never know when you might need it, if you have a bout of heartburn or indigestion.


Heartburn sometimes referred to as acid reflux, is a common condition that affects many people. It occurs when acid, which normally resides in the stomach, escapes back up into the oesophagus (food pipe). Because the oesophagus is not as well protected as the stomach the acid can irritate the lining. Which can cause painful symptoms that can last for a few minutes or a few hours. 

It’s painful and unpleasnt, and although common, can make your life miserable. 

Heartburn or indigstion in pregnancy is caused by either hormone changes, causing the muscles controlling the spincter at the bottom of the digestive tract to to relax, and allow food and acid from the stomach to rise up the oesophagus, in early pregnancy, or in the later stages by the baby putting pressure on a woman’s digestive tract. Again, unpleasant, uncomfortable, and often misery inducing. No one likes to have indigestion and to have it when you are pregnant is from my own personal experience and from what I have heard other women tell me, is horrible. 

It’s hard when you are pregnant, because understandably, you are limited in your choices of medications, to help relieve symptoms, but thankfully within the Gaviscon range, there are products that are safe to take, to help ease symptoms of heartburn and indigestion, and your healthcare provider can recommend which ones are best for you to take. 

You can do things to minimise heartburn and indigestion occuring, but as it is a common symptom when pregnant, it is good to know you don’t have to suffer, and can get some relief. I always have some Gaviscon, in our medicine cabinet, for generl use, but I am pretty sure if we have another baby, I will be stocking up on more…. Running out is not an option! 

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