Using mouthwash can be very satisfying…

When you can see what you are rinsing out…

Big Girl recently had a dental check up, a routine one, we visit our lovely dentist every six month. He told her at the end of the check up that her teeth were “perfect” but that as she was nearly 8 it was time to start using mouthwash regularly as part of a routine looking after the adult teeth she now has growing in. (where on earth did my baby go, I am sure she only got her first baby tooth yesterday?) Dental hygiene, teeth brushing and looking after our teeth are things we consider very important, in the Mad House, you only get one set of adult teeth, it’s vital to take as good care of them as possible, and use products that work well. 

She wasn’t keen on the mouthwash idea, for some reason, until I hit on the idea of making it seem interesting and also giving her an incentive. 

Mouth wash is usually pretty boring. It might be minty, and make your breath fresh and protect your teeth, but otherwise, it’s pretty much part of your bathroom routine few people get that excited about, but if you can use mouthwash that SHOWS you what you are cleaning out, and helps you to improve how you brush your teeth, then it suddenly becomes more exciting especially if you are an ex nurse who likes slightly what we call “gross things”, and if you are a very curious almost 8 year old, who likes to know how things work, and see results. 

Dentyl Active is a mouthwash that definately makes dental hygiene more interesting. When you rinse and spit, you can see what has been cleaned from your mouth and teeth, which is a bit gross but immensly satisfying, and it really does encourage you to be scrupulous with your tooth brushing, because you are aiming to have as little to show in the sink after you have rinsed as possible.

Group Shot Smooth Mint in the front FINAL High Res

 We tried Smooth Mint and Fresh Clove in the Plaque Fighter range. You shake the bottle, pour a small amount into the cap, place the mouthwash in your mouth, gargle and sloosh it about (don’t ever drink mouthwash!) and then spit and voila… You can see what is in the sink, and how well you have brushed your teeth (or not) We like both versions, the adults prefer the mint, Big Girl prefers the clove. 

Dentyl Active Smooth Mint FINAL High ResDentyl Active Clove FINAL High Res

Big Girl loves it. She is fascinated by the fact that she can see what is coming out of her mouth, despite brushing, and takes it all very seriously, and I often hear “oh that’s disgusting” as she goes about her dental routine, in the morning or evening. Her little brother likes to watch (he is too little for mouthwash, Dentyl Active products are suitable for children aged over 6) and get in on the act. Probably a little gross, but you know what? It’s encouraging them to be active in looking after and brushing their teeth, and do it well, if a little gruesomeness in the bathroom sink is what helps, then I am very happy. 

The adults in the house also like the mouthwash, although we don’t scrutinse the results quite as excitedly as the children, it is very satisfying to see if you are getting your teeth as clean as possible. It’s safe for anyone over six to be used, because it is alcohol free and leaves your mouth feeling really clean, fresh, breakdown plaque,  helps to kill the germs that cause bad breath,  and  Alcohol free Dentyl Active can reduce plaque levels by 25% post brushing.

So how does it work? 

  •  Alcohol free Dentyl Active has a distinctive working action. The advanced alcohol free formula consists of two stages: a water-based phase incorporating a special antibacterial agent (Cetylpyridinium Chloride – CPC), and an oil-based solution with natural essential oils, that has to be shaken well before use.
  • This shaking action combines the two mouthwash phases and creates a dynamic solution which is much more powerful than the two individual parts. The bacteria and debris adhere to the mouthwash solution and when it is rinsed out you can see the bacteria, food debris and other deposits on the teeth removed and highlighted as small, brightly coloured masses in the sink, proving that Dentyl Active really works. And thanks to the special antibacterial ingredient CPC in Dentyl Active, it also helps stop bacteria from working

We are a family that likes to see the results of our efforts, and the proof in the sink, when we brush our teeth, is definitely a good way to help us keep up good oral hygiene practices and look after our mouths, teeth and gums. When mouthwash produces satisfying results it helps! 

*we were very kindly sent some samples of mouthwash to try, all opinions are our own*
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