The grommets are still in…

And I am relieved, and realising how grateful I am for those two tiny pieces of plastic, keeping his ears healthy and comfortable.

Last week, Little Man started complaining of a sore ear, and was a bit grumpy and irritable! This did not sound good. His teacher even commented on it. I had a feeling that the grommets might have finally fallen out, as they can do 12-18 months post insertion and that we might be going down that familiar and horrible ear infection route. I had his ears checked by our GP practice nurse, who was all that was available at short notice at 4pm on a Friday afternoon, but all she could see was “tonnes of ear wax that I don’t want to poke about”. Thankfully we had a routine appointment with our lovely ENT surgeon coming up, so I was able to get his ears properly checked.

Huge sigh of relief, the grommets are still in place, his eardrums and ears look healthy, no sign of infection, and his hearing test was passed as usual with flying colours. Phew!image

Two tiny pieces of plastic, that 18 months ago, changed our lives. A simple thing that took away infections,  pain and pressure, and helped my little boy feel so much better and cope with life, normally, are still there, doing their job.

I’m not ready for them to come out. I know they will at some point, but right now, I’m glad they’re still in. We fly to Bangkok next week, and I want him to be comfortable and well. He wouldn’t have been able to fly, pre grommet surgery (our ENT said he would have been in agony) and to enjoy our grand adventure, and not be in pain with ear issues. Selfishly, I’m worried that if and when they do come out, we’ll go back to how it was before, although I know that’s unlikely. We’ll face that, if it happens. At least I know what to do and what he needs now! 

But for now, they’re still in place, doing their job, and we breathe a sigh of relief, and I am still incredibly grateful for them… Those two tiny pieces of plastic saved us, in so many ways. I’m happy they’re still with us!




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  1. Both our boys had grommets. Older boy had them fitted in the UK and whilst one fell out on it’s own after a couple of years the other didn’t and he had to have a small operation to have it removed. Younger boy had them in France and they both fell out naturally. Neither boy had any problem afterwards with their hearing and I was so glad they had them put in.

    And Bangkok – that sounds like one huge adventure that I will enjoy reading about!

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