Discover gluten and dairy free Christmas food with Newburn Bakehouse

Enjoy a gluten and dairy free Christmas with Newburn Bakehouse recipes

Indulging in tasty festive treats is a must for many in the run up to Christmas. From devouring the pieces of chocolate found behind each door of your advent calendar, enjoying a mince pie by the fire to tucking into a feast of turkey, pigs in blankets and Brussels sprouts, one thing that’s for certain is that food plays an important role during the festive period.
Living both gluten-free and dairy-free at Christmas can seem tricky, especially if you end up having to prepare and eat food that is different to everyone else. But, there is a way that you can share everything with your family and friends this Christmas, including the meals and treats that you eat.
The team at Newburn Bakehouse have developed a number of tasty gluten and dairy free recipes that you can all enjoy together this Christmas. Read their tale of Santa discovering gluten and dairy free food for the first time as he delivers presents around the world to uncover such recipes as Christmas bread and butter pudding, gingerbread tree decorations, Boxing Day soup with croutons plus much more.

Gluten Free Christmas Infographic

All of the recipes you see on Santa’s journey are gluten and dairy free, and can be found on the Newburn Bakehouse website.

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