Our week in photos – Michael Gove pants, oh yes!

 Welcome to our week in photos. Snapshots from the crazy life round here. Usually coffee, cake, grumpy cats and chaos…. You can find more on our Facebook page and Instagram too.

This week is a double dose of photos. I have some rather exciting stuff going on for my “day job” that has had me totally distracted and frankly up to my eyeballs in phone calls, research and paperwork. I literally have not had time to breathe, some days, so missed a week of keeping you all up to date on the chaos and fun that is our life…

This week, I was gifted something, that if you have read my blog, or know me, at all, will be understood immediately. Yes, I was given a pair of pants, granny pants, no less, with the delightful face of Michael Gove on them. It seems very fitting, given my loathing of the man. I won’t be wearing them, so no panic on that front, there will be no photos of me showing them off, but I will be getting them framed for display! I am also drinking black coffee, in an effort to reduce my (ahem) calorie consumption (who knew that those milky, sugary coffees from the coffee shop were not good for you…. πŸ˜‰ ) I am getting used to it, it’s not my ideal, but if it’s going to help me loose a bit of weight, then I am game. I don’t like herbal tea, so don’t even think about suggesting that as an alternative! (You can prize my coffee out of my cold, dead hands, basically!)


I also got some rather amazing new shoes last week, yes, those are pink flamingos. I think I may be having a mid life crisis. The flowerey Doc Martins are on my post knee op reciovery treat list. I am also struggling a bit with my Vitamin D levels being low, this stuff is what I call sunshine in a bottle, much easier than huge pills to swallow and works very well.


We also had snow last week, much to the children’s absolute delight. They were so delighted they were up, dressed and ready to go at 7am, (nothing short of a miraculous occurrence, that!) wanting to play in it. If I didn’t hate the chaos snow causes here in London, I’d say it was welcome to fall more often!


We route marched into town, this week, due to the bus strikes, to get our dance classes, but thankfully it’s a very pretty route march, so we enjoyed it. We love where we live! I also tried Waldorf Salad for the first time, I picked the raisins out! I managed to light and cook on a BBQ all by muself, for the first time ever, and of course, the usual grumpy cat photo….


My  name on a cola bottle finally, yes, I know it isn’t normal to carry SuperSoaker guns around in one’s handbag, but who said I was normal? (it was for a friend, honest) Little Man LOVES his dance class, and I still don’t like herbal tea! WIF4

That was our week, how was yours? 

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  1. What a fabulous collection of pictures! You had lots more snow than we did in Gloucestershire. And those Gove pants are brilliant! Whoever invented those is much more a genius than he is! #365

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