Teach your kids the art of flower arranging

Teach your kids: The art of flower arranging

Are you looking to teach your kids something new, something that will channel both their creativity and their imagination? Why not teach them how to arrange flowers?  Each flower is different, with different scents and shapes so you can guarantee your children will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

There are a number of things you can teach your little ones about flower arranging such as: how to arrange a basket full of fresh cut flowers to add colour to your kitchen or how to create a stunning potted plant to sit in your back garden. If you’re feeling really creative why not teach them how to make a loving arrangement for Nan and Grandad.



Each season will bring with it a range of different flowers – your florist serenataflowers.com can help you get the most seasonal flowers for your arrangement – and letting your child pick out the flowers is always a big hit with sunflowers, daisies and carnations some of the most popular choices.

So, let’s get started and teach your kids how to flower arrange!

Begin by setting out your supplies in one place – you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Vase
  • Greens for use as a filler
  • Flowers you have chosen

Now, let’s get crackin’…

  1. Lay each flower out on a table so your child can see clearly what they have to work with
  2. Fill your vase half way with cold water
  3. Encourage your child to choose one flower to work as the centre of the arrangement. Once this flower has been chosen your little darling can begin surrounding it with greenery and others
  4. Allow your child to continue to build up the vase one flower at a time – fill in any gaps with bits of greenery for added effect
  5. When you are satisfied with the end creation, fill the rest of the vase with water
  6. Finally, let your little helper find the perfect place in the home to display their fantastic flower arrangement

Arranging flowers in a vase is just one way you can keep your kids entertained with flowers – there are so many alternative options available with many tips and hints to guide you available online.

So, tap into your child’s creative side and allow them to use their own imagination.

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