Dear Human… You shall not brush my teeth!

The vet apparently thinks you need to be brushing my teeth, every day. The vet is clearly deluded and has no idea how strong my will is, how hard I can bite, or how sharp my claws are. Why he thinks that I would let you grab me, wrap me in a towel, then prize open my mouth and scrub at my teeth with what is supposed to taste like fish, but is apparently toothpaste designed for older cat’s teeth, I do not know. I don’t like the idea, I have survived almost 10 years without such torture being foisted on me, and I am not about to start tolerating it now…

Brush my teeth? Good luck with that…

Layla Teeth.

Love from she who has her jaws firmly clamped shut, no toothbrush or foul smelling fishy flavoured paste is coming near me, no matter how many treats you try and bribe me with, Layla…


Layla’s owner would like any advice on how to persuade her that teeth brushing isn’t torture, to save her from being sworn at in kitty language and her hands lacerated… πŸ˜‰


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    • I think Layla would do that too if she could. I handle her when she goes to vet checks, she won’t let them near her mouth!

  1. Eeek yea, I know how hard it is to brush my dog’s teeth (she runs and hides!) so I feel for you. Cats just seem that much more difficult when it comes to these things. They’re crafty. Hope everything worked out! #animaltales

  2. It’s something the I am worried about with my old girl Fluffy. It’s biscuits for breakfast for her and I hope that crunching on them helps a bit. Brushing her teeth? Not going to happen. How about buying a fingernail brush and putting a bit of fishy toothpaste on that and leave it somewhere handy. See if she will have a bit of a chew at? Especially if you tell her not too, that usually makes something properly attractive.

  3. Henry is a touch difficult to give tablets etc too. Actually scrub that, Henry is IMPOSSIBLE. When at the vet she uses a special zipped cat sack to pop him in which at least keeps treacherous claws out of the way. Still not sure he’d allow his teeth to be cleaned though. What we did therefore to keep his teeth clean was to but special teeth cleaning cat biscuits for him to eat and they worked a treat.

    Many thanks for adding a teeth cleaning tale to #AnimalTales …. and good luck!!

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