My phone isn’t coming on holiday with me…


We are off on our much needed holiday, this weekend. Long Suffering Grandad will be cat, hamster & snail sitting, the bags are almost packed, the car is clean, passports are ready, now where did I put my phone charger to pack..?

Oh wait, I won’t need my phone charger. Why not? Because I’m not taking my phone. Yes, you read that right, my beloved iPhone, virtually an extension of myself, that I rely on, heavily for almost everything in my life, won’t be coming on holiday with us. You read that right. My phone isn’t coming on holiday with me. 

“Why? Are you sure? Are you ill? This can’t be you in your right mind saying this, let alone typing it…”I hear you say!

I’ve simply decided that I don’t need to take it, and to be honest, the break will be good for me. Last year, and even on our trip to Bangkok, I took my phone, and I simply can’t switch off, with it around. I feel compelled to read and reply to e-mails, SMS etc. I use my phone so much that it’s habit to be switched on and using it, a lot. People are used to 24/7 access and I feel like I should respond.  I need to switch that habit off, for those precious two weeks away with my family. Besides, where we are going doesn’t have the best mobile phone reception, so it’s a pain to try and access stuff and if I don’t have my phone check on things, I can’t get stressed about responding. 

So, the phone gets a vacation from me, I get a vacation from the phone. I think it’s a healthy, much needed break. 

The iPad will be coming but lest you think I’ll be sneakily checking my work mail on that, LSH is deactivating the mail accounts on it, so I can’t (he rightfully knows me well and doesn’t entirely trust me! ?) I will be sharing photos and snippets of our holiday – we’ve agreed I still can hop on and off social media once a day, we’ve struck a deal, he was so pleased at the phone being off he agreed to that.

I’m quite looking forward to it. It’ll be a good break. Not looking forward to the backlog of mail and messages on my return, but that’s another blog post for another day… 

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  1. Have a great holiday. I totally agree. My phone always stays at home for holidays too and it’s a nice break. I think everyone should have a phone detox at least once a year.

  2. My phone always comes away with me, but only for at the airport to pass the time, as I have it so I can not use it abroad, so never get stressed about responding to emails etc, and it is great just being able to relax and have the freedom. Have a great holiday x

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