A fruit treat snack perfect for toddlers….

You might not know, that in my “other” job,  I help to run toddler/parent groups, near where I live. At those groups, we like to serve a snack, during the playtime session, to all the children who have joined us. This is usually something like a rice cake, some fresh fruit, and a drink of water or diluted juice. We like to keep things simple, but fun and as healthy as we can, but sometimes that can be a bit boring, even if kids do like routine. 

So, we thought some fruit based snacks, would be a great thing for a treat. Finding ones that are tasty, not too loaded with added sugars or other nasties, that the kids will want to eat, is a bit challenging but I think some Fruit Sticks and Fruity Fingers will go down well with the discerning crowd I cater to on a weekly basis. 

I know as a parent, getting kids to eat and enjoy fruit and veg as part of a healthy diet can sometimes be a bit challenging.

These Fruity Sticks

Fruit Bowl 2

and Fruit fingers

Fruit Bowl1

from Fruit Bowl  are full of fruit and veg. The sticks come in three taste treats – apple, raspberry and carrot with cereal pieces and the fingers come in apple, banana, strawberry and tomato with cereal for texture. 

Fruit Bowl say: 

“At Fruit Bowl we aim to help mums by providing handy fruit snacks to naturally fuel their kids’ daily fun. 

Eating healthily and getting fruit into your kids’ diet isn’t always easy, especially when they’re hungry or fancy something sweet. To help make eating fruit a bit easier, and without the mess or waste, we have created an irresistibly tasty range of fruit snacks packed with real fruity goodness. They’re perfect to munch between meals or curb after school tummy rumblings as well as a great addition to lunchboxes.”

These are idea for toddlers learning to feed themselves, for pincer grip practice, and learning independence, and they are easy to pack for on the go snacks too. They are made with real fruit, and pure fruit juice and as part of your toddler’s daily diet are a great treat or handy snack that aren’t too loaded down with sugar, which is something all parents are now being told to be aware of. They also contain no added sugar or flavors, which is something I know a lot of parents I work with do prefer not to feed their kids too much of.

My children and I have personally taste tested them, to make sure they will be perfect for sharing and we all liked them. They are not too sweet, and just the right amount for a snack. I like the sticks, the children think both sticks and fingers are very tasty and yummy. 

We are looking forward to trying them out as a fun alternative to the usual snacks we serve, I am sure they will go down really well with both the kids and their parents/carers, I will have to make sure we don’t run out. 

*we were kindly sent some Fruit Bowl products to try*

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  1. We love fruit bowl goodies. I often stock up when they’re on offer, with 4 small people who munch through them in no time I find them a little expensive at full price

  2. You know, this kinda looks like it might be a nice little snack for adults too, especially if you’re wanting something sweet!

  3. My kids all love the Fruit Bowl snacks. We haven’t tried these ones yet but will def grab some next time we go shopping I think! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. I havent heard of Fruit Bowl before so i will definitely look out for them from now on, we buy kiddilicious apple and banana packs for Mia but she eats them in seconds, these look like they might last a little longer! like you say, we are always trying to find snacks that arent full of sugar but that taste nice too! 🙂

  5. We bought these the other day for Elliott and i must admit they didnt last long around him! He loved them!Thanks for sharing! Suz x Beauisblue.com

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