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Trying to conceive a baby doesn’t always happen as easily as the movies and books would make you believe. If you follow our blog you will know that we are hoping to add a third small human to our number, but that it isn’t an easy thing for us, due to some hormone issues I have and still struggle with. We have been finding using the Ovusense monitor for a few months now, and whilst we aren’t pregnant yet, it has been really helpful with monitoring my cycle, so we can try and work out the optimum times to try. It has also been useful for monitoring the length of my cycle and to tell me if I am actually ovulating, so I can keep track and then share this information with my doctor, who is monitoring me, and we can then adjust the hormone regime I am on, if needed to suit my cycle. 

So, of course we are hoping that we will be able to say we are pregnant with an Ovusense baby, some time soon, but if things don’t go the way we hope, and we aren’t able to have 3rd child of our own, by a certain point, we have made the decision to stop trying, for various reasons, both personal and health wise, however, the  Ovusense won’t be wasted. We will still carry on using it, to monitor my cycle and keep track. 


Why? Because to be honest, I don’t like using artificial contraceptive methods to control my cycle. The Pill in it’s many variants doesn’t really agree with me (I put on weight, I have skin issues, and the PMS I suffer from becomes magnified and much worse) and whilst there are other options available, I prefer to monitor my body and use what is called Natural Family Planning to see where my body is at in terms of trying to, or preventing pregnancy, or simply just to observe what my body is doing, to make me aware if there is an issue. Whilst I do have certain hormone issues, that make getting pregnant harder, I have become very in tune with my body over the years so using a method like this, combined with Ovusense to confirm what is happening, when is a very effective method for me/us. 

It’s convenient for me to use it, as I already have the equipment needed, and know how to use it, it’s programmed and set to my cycles and it’s not something new I have to learn and get used to. It’s also cost effective for us, because we don’t have to buy or use any other kind of monitor, to keep track of things and there are no ongoing purchases of urine test sticks needed. We have used it whilst travelling too, with no issues, and it charges easily and is light and easy to transport, so really, it makes sense to continue using it, for as long as we need it. 

So, I would say, if pregnancy is not your main goal, but finding an effective and accurate, and relatively simple way of monitoring your cycle is, then you might want to consider Ovusense, as an option. 

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*We were sent an Ovusense to review. This blog post is part of an ongoing series* 


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