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We are very fortunate to have a large back garden, with lots of space and potential for growing things. However, I am not a gardener. My skills are limited to pots of herbs, and growing tomatoes and strawberries, and keeping my houseplants alive. I am very keen to use the space we have in our garden to grow more of our own fruit and veg, but don’t have the time to go on a course and can’t afford to pay an expert to come and set it all up for me. I can tell what  most weeds are, and I can prune a rose bush, but really, I am a total novice when it comes to gardening, and it seems such a waste to have space and not be able to use it or make it look it’s best. 

That’s where MyGardenSchool comes in. A place where you can learn about gardening, from the basics for a novice, to more advance courses for those who are passionate about gardening and growing. 

My garden school

On their website they say:

“MyGardenSchool Ltd is the world’s first virtual gardening school. It’s a unique global online horticultural classroom where you can study online gardening courses wherever you live in the world. This virtual gardening school is driven on two fronts: i) A surge in demand for more high quality online training in gardening, prompted by the digital revolution. ii) The need to re-energise revenue streams for published gardening authors due to falling book sales.”

Whether you want to grow organic veg, create enviable flower borders, nurture that perfect lawn, or simply give a good home to an egg laying chicken – we offer a high quality range of gardening courses taught by some of the world’s top tutors. We also believe that gardens are fun. And a close relative of art.”

You can choose from a variety of courses, from learning to grow flowers, to landscape gardening, growing your own fruit and veg and garden design. 

I started out with a basic online vegetable growing course: Alex Mitchell’s Edible Gardening Made Easy. This course was held over a month, with weekly video tutorials and homework and tasks set and marked by Alex Mitchell. It’s incredibly handy to be able to do the course when you want, and when the time suits you. You can watch them any time, and catch up when you are able. It’s easy to submit the online assignments and homework, and the tutors are easy to contact for help and input. 

I found the course useful, as a beginner gardener. It helped me to get an idea of what kind of soil I have, what I can and can’t grown based on my garden size, position, and soil type, what works and what won’t and gave me some really helpful tips to start out with some simple grow your own fruit and veg ideas that are easy to implement in reality. The tutorials were clear and easy to listen to, and perfect for someone who is starting out. It was also useful to be part of a class, online, and see what other people were sharing and working on, and get ideas and tips from my online classmates. 

So, if you are beginner gardener like me, I would definitely recommend it, and if you want to learn more and are more experienced, then the other courses look really good too, maybe one day, when my thumbs are more green, I will be able to enjoy them. For now, I am planning the basics of our garden for next year, and hopefully will have some fruit and veg that we have home grown, to enjoy, thanks to MyGardenSchool. I certainly feel more confident in my basic gardening abilities, and making a start on making more of my garden. 

*This post was written as a review for MyGardenSchool, which kindly set me up on a course, to learn more about what they do and teach*

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  1. I am very much a beginner gardener – would love to try this when we move to our new house! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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