Vidisan Eye drops – essential for dry and tired eyes


*We were kindly sent some Vidisan eye drops to try, always seek medical advice if you think you may have an eye infection or irritation*

I often struggle with dry and tired eyes. I wear contact lenses, so my eyes do get a bit dry and they need to be taken out, to relieve that,  I like having a bottle of eye drops in my handbag, handy for when I need it. I am fussy about what goes in my eyes, so I choose what I use carefully.

I really like these soothing eye drops from Vidisan, by Bausch+Lomb and they have also proved very handy for when the children get dry or sore eyes or dust or dirt in their eyes. My boy particularly is very sensitive to eye irritation and will get very upset if his eyes get sore, so having some drops handy to help that, is very useful.

dry and tired eyes

Vidisan say:

“New research by Vidisan reveals that a lot of parents are getting caught out with irritated eye family traumas as just a quarter (25%) of us think to keep eye drops as part of our first aid kit; and yet it is not just our kids who get it. In fact, the research revealed that over a third of men complained of foreign bodies entering their eyes whilst gardening, reporting eye discomfort (37%). Again, when playing sport, 30% of us recently got something in our eye.1

 Vidisan™ eye drops are proven to calm and soothe irritated eyes from daily causes of irritations and contain a unique combination of ingredients in the UK market: povidone and euphrasia. Povidone forms a protective layer that retains moisture on the surface of the eye and helps the formulation supplement the aqueous layer of the tear film. Whilst Euphrasia is a naturally occurring substance, used in medicines since Egyptian times, which alleviates allergic conjunctivitis and conjunctivitis due to external irritants, such as wind, pollen, and other causes of eye irritation. As a result, Vidisan improves the stability of the tear film and provides immediate relief from stinging and burning after the first application. It is also free from preservatives.”

They come in a handy little bottle that can be popped in a bag, a first aid kit, a nappy bag, or sports bag, or even a pocket, and are incredibly soothing and safe to use. Great for travel, or when you need to relieve the discomfort of dry or irritated little eyes, or even when Mum hasn’t had a full night’s sleep and her eyes are sore and a bit dry too… 😉

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  1. My kids are rubbish with eye drops so I’m always glad they don’t tend to need them. I do like to keep them handy for myself though.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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