What to do if your cat becomes sick…?

As a cat owner myself, I’ve had to deal with this unhappy scenario a couple of times by now. However, luckily for cat owners, our pets are tough, and that ‘nine lives’ myth may even turn out to be true!

Sick cat

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Your cat may be displaying certain worrying symptoms – but don’t panic. More often than not, it’s just a simple cold or bug. These symptoms range from vomiting to mouth ulcers and even dry skin. So, if you believe your cat is ill – or you know it – look no further! Here’s how to cope with it.

Remove your cat’s food and replace his water

If your cat suddenly becomes ill, it could be something in their water or food that reacted to them poorly. So, until you can fully diagnose the problem, I’d suggest you completely take your cat’s food out of its reach. This will ensure that the possible root of the problem is contained safely. In the meantime, provide them with another source of food.

Similarly, bring them back another bowl of water. Cats are messy, and their water bowls can often contain chunks of their food. Replacing their water removes these chunks of food from the bowl, and any potential threats with it.

Take it to the vet

It goes without saying, but you should seek professional medical advice, whatever your cat’s symptoms. Every case is different, but this principle remains the same! A service like 365 Vet can offer you advice on the correct prescription medication to take, if necessary. Just make sure your cat sticks to the dosage!

Prevent licking and scratching

If the problem with your cat was as a result of them scratching themselves, then consider investing in a cone to stop them scratching their head. Also, if your cat has patches of dry skin, use the cone to stop them from licking these areas. That saliva will only make the problem worse, not better!

Don’t let your cat outdoors

Doing so can make them contract another illness. There’s even a chance that the very reason they got ill in the first place is something they picked up outside. So, do everything in your power to stop them from going outside, until the problem has been fully rectified. If you have a cat flap, then this will be harder for you – but it is possible to seal them off.

Provide a warm, quiet bed area

Just like when humans are recovering from illness, cats love a warm, quiet place to sleep. There are essentials that every cat needs, and this is one of them. So give them one! This can aid their post-illness recovery, and get them feeling 100 percent again in no time. We all know that cats love to be alone from time to time, and this is one of those times. Peace and quiet works wonders for all creatures!

In short, just use your common sense. Care for your cat as you’d expect to be cared for yourself, and they’ll be back on their feet in no time. They may only have eight lives now, but that’s still seven more than they need!

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