Cat essentials that your pet needs…

If you’ve got a little feline friend in your home, then the chances are that you love to treat it like royalty. That’s lovely! However, if you’re new to pet ownership, or you’re thinking about getting a cat, then there are some things you should know. Here are the top cat essentials that your pet needs!


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First things first, you simply have to get pet insurance for your cat. Cat insurance isn’t all that costly, either. It’s simply a case of getting round to it for many! The reason being is that if anything should ever go wrong for your little furball, then expensive veterinary costs could cause you to lose them. Especially, if you can’t afford to pay for it! Make sure that insurance has you covered to avoid the heartbreak of losing your favourite, new pet. There are lots of places where you can buy pet insurance, either online or at your local vets. Just make sure you do it – you owe it to your cat!

Food & Drink

All pets need a sufficiency of food and drink. Don’t think that cat biscuits will be enough! If you do, then you’ll find that your cat is outdoors hunting for something else to fill their tummy up with. Nobody likes a dead bird being dragged into their home now, do they? A good mixture of meat pouches, biscuits and special treats is an ideal diet for your feline friend. If you have particularly fussy cat, then why not read our post on cat food for picky pussycats? We’re sure you’ll find something to suit your own cat’s needs!


Next up, be sure to regularly brush your cat’s fur in order to keep it healthy and clean. Scraggy cats aren’t a pleasant sight, and an unkept cat is often a very unhappy one. Be sure to de-flea your feline while you’re at it with a special treatment. This will stop them from using everything in your home as a scratching post! A special cat brush will be available from almost all pet stores – so get yourself down there and pick one up! After all, if you keep your cat looking pristine, then you’re going to appreciate their cuteness and beauty much more!


Finally, another cat essential is exercise! While your feline isn’t quite in need of the same amount as a dog, it will still need to get some exercise. If you notice that you cat is piling on a few pounds, then be sure to kick it outside once a day to get some fresh air and activity. Lounging around all day is what cats do best. However, they also enjoy chasing butterflies, eyeing up birds and sometimes, even, running after their own tail! Whatever gets them moving is definitely worth it, though. A cat who exercises is much likely to live longer – and we’re sure you’d rather get those extra years from them!

Hopefully, this post helps you to look after your cat even better. Remember, these are cat essentials, so don’t go skipping any steps! All the best.

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