Summer is on the way. Is your pet ready?

We spent so longer waiting for spring. It’s strange to think that it will soon be summer! Of course, soon enough summer will be over and, before we know it, winter will be here again. But the point of this article isn’t to complain about how fast time slips through our hands. It’s about preparing your pets for the summer!


It might seem like a strange thing to write about. But I’m not going to tell you to get your pet a sunbathing blanket and some sunblock or start booking it a vacation. (You’re welcome to do that if you want to, though. Send pictures!) The fact is that a lot changes for a cat or a dog when summer comes around. There are a few ways in which you can get ready for potential changes.

Here some pet tips now that summer is on the horizon!

Get ready for ticks, fleas and other pests

When the sun comes out and the flora is in full bloom, nature sends out its most annoying creatures. Ticks, fleas and other pests love the warm weather. They’re going to be out in full swing during spring and summer, so you should ensure your pets are protected. Speak to your vet and make sure your animals have all the vaccines they need. You can also look into restocking your pet medicines at places like All Veterinarian Supply.


You should also consider keeping your grass cut throughout the warm months to give these pests less room to roam about hidden! And speaking of cutting, you should consider cutting your pet’s fur to give these pests less to cling onto. (More about fur later!)

Consider a microchip

Animals definitely get a lot more adventurous during these warmer months. Not only are they enjoying the weather, but the wildlife around them is a lot more active. That means that they’re more likely to start wandering off in pursuit of such creatures. (This is, obviously, a lot more true of cats than dogs!) This, technically, means that they’re more likely to get themselves lost!



You should make sure your pet’s ID is sufficient. If you’re using a collar tag, does it have your contact information on it? Really, though, the best thing you can do is get your pet microchipped. This shouldn’t replace the collar ID; it’s best to have both. After all, collars aren’t always known for staying put!

It’s time for a haircut! (Or furcut?)

During the colder half of the year, your pet’s fur will have been growing faster to keep itself warm. Owners will also be less willing to get that fur clipped for the same reason. But when the sun is blazing, your pet doesn’t need such a heavy coat! They will shed it slowly, but it may not be fast enough to ensure maximum comfort.

It’s true that we don’t know exactly how uncomfortable pets find their coats in summer. It’s difficult to tell if they’re overheating! Dogs will pant and drink a lot more water, but cats will tend to remain fairly stoic. (As usual.) It’s best to get their fur clipped to ensure maximum coolness for summer.

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  1. getting our pets ready for summer involves getting them used to being indoors during the day and outside at night, it’s a 4 week process of step by step and then allowing for the odd accident during the day when they can’t get outside, until they adapt to their new routines.

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