Surcare – Getting tough laundry done, but being kind to skin…

I do a LOT of laundry. Two kids, who wear school uniform, and a lot of extra curricular activities that mean there are lots of muddy, sweaty, sometimes paint covered clothes dumped in the wash basket every week. I also have a husband that runs and cycles for exercise and I work with small children so I am often covered in all sorts of messy stuff.

Getting clothes clean, smelling fresh, and ready for another week of wear is a tough job, and I need laundry solution that is hard working but also gentle on skin. My daughter and I both suffer from skin issues, with sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis between us, so whilst I do need tough laundry action, I also need to make sure that clean clothes don’t irritate our skin.

Surcare Sensitive Capsules are just what we need.

Surcare Capsules
Non Bio – perfect for skin that gets sore and irritated easily.
Suitable for sensitive skin – sounds good, even if you don’t have family members who have skin problems, it’s good to have a laundry product that is always gentle and kind to skin.
Fragrance Free – I prefer not to have strong smelling laundry liquids.
Outstanding Cleaning performance at 30c – which is great because some of the dance kit that comes home cannot be washed at high temperatures but does need a bit of oomph to get it clean and smelling fresh.
Dermatologically tested and approved – just what I need to hear and know, when skin issues that can be irritated by washing powder is a big concern.

What I like about the capsules is there is no measuring or faffing about with how much or how little detergent you need. You just add the required amount to the drum with the dirty washing, and set the machine to what you want, and your’e done.
The main thing for us is that clothes come clean. Even the tough stains that come home, like mud, paint, food spillages and all sorts of things, come out at lower temperatures using Surcare Sensitive Capsules. I must admit I was a little skeptical, because some of our school unirfom does come home looking exceedingly grubby (hey, I have a little boy, who I think, thinks football is a good excuse to roll in any mud he finds) and a daughter who likes to paint and craft but doesn’t like to wear anything that remotely protects her clothes) so I have to get it clean and presentable for the next week (and sometimes even the next day) and the Surcare caspsules really do the job.
The results are clean laundry and skin that is happy, and not sore and itchy. Pretty much guaranteed to make mum happy every time. If you are looking for a laundry solution for sensitive skin that is still tough on the daily grime of your families clothes, then we would recommended Surcare Sensitive Capsules for the job.

*We were sent some products to review but all words are our own, images used with permission*

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