Christmas Gift Ideas for the Tweenager in my life…

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It’s that time of year. I have been relatively organised and managed to buy and wrap the big gifts for the kids, and also The Husband, but I haven’t sorted the stocking fillers out yet, so that’s next on my list this week. I thought I would do a quick run down of what I will be including in the stockings for my kids, for some ideas or inspiration. We tend to make the stockings fun with little things they might like or want. Today’s gift guide is all about the tweenager…

She’s getting so grown up and it’s hard for me to think about that. She’s got her own mind about what she likes and dislikes, but we are very similar in our tastes so at the moment, we agree mostly on things.

She’s actually been pretty spoiled this year, I have been reliably told by Father Christmas that an iPod will be arriving at some point and she also was bought a rather fancy pink laminator by her grandfather (what can I say, she’s my child with my love of all things pink and the desire to laminate all the things, so when she asked for one, we thought it was a fabulous idea for a present) and she is also getting her ears pierced. Her birthday falls five days after Christmas (bad planning that, thanks to a nasty bout of Pre Eclampsia and her arriving 10 days early) so she gets quite a lot of stuff in a small space of time, but we try to make it meaningful and not excessive if we can.

So for her stocking she is getting…

Some headphones that fit.

She’s like her mother, and has funny shaped ears, so finding headphones that fit are a pain. These rather pretty pink ones from Xqisit have had good reciews and come with different size ear buds. I figure she may as well have decent ones to go with her fancy iPod. They aren’t too bad price wise either.

Lip balm

smiggle-lip-balBecause these from Smiggle are so cute. I may just get myself some too…



She can only wear plain, simple studs at school so once her ears are healed, these will be perfect.




She loves reading, and I encourage it so she is getting two lovely books, both are brilliant and she’s going to love them. We will be sharing our reviews of both later this week…

Not a bad haul for the tweenager, I think?


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