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*We were kindly sent a series of First News to review*

We’ve reached the point in family life where my children are pretty aware of what is going on in the world around them, but we still feel we need to protect them from what we don’t think they are fully ready to deal with. At their age, I was reading several newspapers a day because at boarding school papers were delivered daily and we were encouraged to read them and be familiar with the world and local news and to be able to start to discuss current affairs.

I feel strongly that this is still important for my children to be able to have these skills but I don’t actually feel comfortable exposing them to the media that is out there, it seems much harsher and far more brutal.

That’s where First News comes in…

first news

First News is the award-winning weekly newspaper for young people (aged 7-14). Produced in a traditional, full-colour tabloid newspaper format, First News presents relevant news stories and current affairs in an informative, entertaining and stimulating way, encouraging children to take an active interest in the world around them.

Since its launch in 2006, First News has become the widest read children’s weekly publication and is the ONLY newspaper for young people. First News also has over 2 million readers each week and 10 years of expertise in reporting for children. 

first news

We like it because it’s factual and also responsibly written with content that makes sense to kids but that is also informative and thought-provoking. The content varies from current topics like the environment and world news to more fun subjects but still based on making children think for themselves. The content is readable and easy to digest and I actually enjoy reading it too. It’s great for educational use and for information sourcing in a way that is easy for kids to manage. It’s well worth subscribing to, and would make a great gift for someone too if you want something slightly different.

So, if you are looking for something or your pre-teen or teenager, then we would definitely recommend it…

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  1. That is such a good idea. I would’ve loved that when I was young. I always wanted to be a journalist and I like to herald print rather than online. It’s great to get them used to the feel of paper in their hands. I’ll definitely look this up

  2. We’ve been reading this too and I’m very impressed with the content and how serious topics have been explained in a way kids can understand,

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