Who’s a clever cat then? I bet you can guess?

I’m old and pretty grumpy but I am also a clever cat. I don’t like being outside much unless it’s really warm and sunny. Frankly, I like to snooze my days away, curled up warm and snug and away from the noisy smaller humans in the house and the other cat who annoys me, a lot.

But I sometimes need to go out to do my business. I do have a cat flap but I’m picky and prefer my spot in the garden if I can.

The humans have been a bit despairing lately because I’ve taken to doing what they call “bad things” occasionally, usually on one of their beds. They don’t like it much, apparently.

They have a thing, called a catflap, which they put in, the door. The other cat uses it a lot, but I don’t like new things and refuse to use it. The humans have opened doors for me for the last eleven years, why should I let them stop, I thought!

Until last week, when I really needed to go out, you know, to do a pee. The bathroom door was shut so I couldn’t get to my litter tray (I must bite the person who did that, they should know better!) and I REALLY needed to go. I could have just peed on somewhere in the house and blamed the other cat, but that would be a bit mean, even for me…

So, I went and looked at this thing called a catflap, and I looked, and then I poked it with my paw. It flapped in my face. I poked it a bit harder and it opened wide. I then stuck my head through and back in again. Then I decided to be very brave and I squeezed my whole body through and there I was, outside! It was a lot easier then I thought it would be, clearly the other cat isn’t that clever. I did feel rather proud of myself and surprised that it wasn’t at all as bad as I thought it would be. It’s just a flap of plastic but now I can go out if I really have to when no one is home to let me out…

I’m quite pleased with myself and I’ve been using the cat flap thing a lot to impresss my humans who are strangely excited by my new skill. They keep telling me how clever I am and keep trying to take photos. They’re a weird bunch!

clever cat

It’s exhausting learning a new thing… I’m going for a long nap now! ? If you want to read about how I am also a bit of miracle cat, you can check out my pawsome tail here too


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  1. Cats are smart and so cute. But this requires keen observation and a caring attitude. And I think you are very kind and warm. Best wishes for you and your pet!

  2. I’d love to install a cat flap but we live in a rental property, we don’t have any windows, seriously, only sliding doors, which we can’t leave open in summer due to the heat, so we have a cat that knocks on our door when it wants to go outside

  3. Ha ha, I had to do a double take on this post as Dean from Little Steps has also written about cats and peeing this week on #AnimalTales …. although to be fair it sounds like Boots is the more naughty cat. I can imagine Henry would NEVER use a cat flap as he is far too superior for that so we have now resorted to a litter tray for him. Moo does generally ask to go out but will sneak into the tray if she thinks she can get away with it! A cat flap would also mean the 2 outdoor cats coming in all the time so it is a definite non-starter here.

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