Purrrfect Cat Breeds To Consider

It’s disputed exactly how many different cat breeds there are out there, but one thing is for sure- they’re all adorable! There’s a reason cat videos are so popular online, these playful creatures are silly and bring so much joy to our lives. More independent than dogs but still happy to be fussed, they really do make ideal pets. With so many cute faces and different personalities to choose from it’s always going to be a difficult decision; but if you want to add a new furry friend to your family, here are just a few of the cat breeds you could consider, in this collaborative post.


Bengal cat (image sourced from Flickr)

With their distinctive spotted coat, these large cats are instantly recognizable. Agile, active and intelligent, Bengal cats make excellent companions but can be challenging at times too. Previous experience of owning cats and plenty of research is recommended if you want to adopt one of these beautiful kitties. They’re best suited to someone who is at home for a lot of the day and has plenty of time and energy to play with them. This stops them from becoming bored and therefore destructive. Interestingly the ‘meow’ of the bengal cat is a little different to other cat breeds, they make a raspy noise that’s almost comparable to a bark! They’re a relatively healthy breed and are actually immune to feline leukemia- a trait which is being studied by cancer researchers. Although as with any sought after breed, irresponsible breeding can mean they’re prone to cataracts, hip dysplasia, and heart issues.


Siamese cats have sleek bodies with pale white fur and are darker on the face, legs, and tail. However, most notably, they have striking blue eyes. Their regal quality is a result of them being bred for aristocrats, they were first bred for Buddhist monks and the royal family in Thailand (formerly known as Siam, hence the breed name Siamese). Of all domestic felines, Siamese are the oldest breed and were kept as pets before any other. They’re a healthy breed and easy to groom due to their short hair. They make excellent family pets as they’re playful and entertaining; they’re social and like interaction, Whether it’s to cuddle, sit in your lap or sleep in your bed! However they’re very vocal- far more vocal than other cat breeds- so this is something to be aware of when you’re considering a Siamese.


Persian cat (image sourced from Flickr)

Another old cat breed is the stunning Persian. It’s round face, short muzzle and large eyes give it’s face an adorable ‘squashed’ appearance. No wonder it’s the most popular cat breed in the world! Their long fur does require grooming, and so you will either need to have a lot of patience or be committed to taking your cat to the groomers on a regular basis. Without grooming, they can be prone to mats and knotting which can pull on and be painful to their skin. Their sweet, peaceful, laid back nature makes them the perfect easy going house pet, perhaps why they have become so popular. Persians should be kept as house cats since they’re not a streetwise breed, so if you’re looking for a cat that can come in and out as it pleases a Persian won’t be for you. While Persians can live up to twenty years, forty percent are affected by kidney cysts which can lead to kidney failure. It shouldn’t put you off the breed, but it’s worth being aware that to keep on top of their health you should take them for regular kidney ultrasounds to check everything is functioning as it should.


cat breeds

Ragdoll cat (image sourced from Flickr)

The pretty blue eyed ragdoll not only looks wonderful but is known for its excellent temperament too. Dubbed ‘puppy cats,’ they’re incredibly friendly, even following their owners around like a dog would. With a large body and long hair, it’s the perfect breed for those who want a huge ball of fluff to cuddle up to! In fact, they can be up to three times the size of other cat breeds. Since white cats with blue eyes have a high chance of being deaf, ragdolls are prone to this problem. For safety reasons deaf cats should always be kept inside, however, they can still live full and happy lives. The calm, chilled out ragdoll makes the perfect pet for anyone looking to own a cat, they don’t suffer many health issues and are a sweet, good natured kitty that makes the perfect addition to the family.


Siberian cat (image sourced from Wikipedia)

The national cat of Russia, Siberians are strong, powerful and agile creatures. They’re another large and fluffy breed (in fact they’re the second largest domestic breed behind the maine coon) but much more scrappy than the placid ragdoll. There are lots of different colors the Siberian cat’s fur can be, although its coat will always be tri-layered. This is of course ideal for keeping warm in a cold country like Russia! Its fur has a glossy finish which doesn’t matt easily making grooming far easier than other fluffy breeds. Although on the downside, they shed a lot, so the time saved in grooming will probably spent vacuuming! However, it’s so worth it to have one of these stunning felines in your life. Siberian cats produce less of the protein chemical that people who are allergic to cats react against, this means that even with a cat allergy you might be able to have a Siberian.

Russian Blue

cat breeds

Russian Blue cat (image sourced from Pixabay)

With its silvery coat and bright green eyes of the Russian Blue, you would certainly be able to pick out the breed in a crowd. A little shy but well behaved and devoted to its owner’s, Russian Blues suit a quieter household perhaps a couple or a family with older children. As it can be wary of strangers, a very busy house with lots going on probably won’t be the best fit. They also don’t like changing environments, so new people in and out and things like that, if your home is calm and constant, it’s a much better fit for a Russian Blue. It’s highly intelligent although not as playful as some of the other breeds but still, makes for an awesome pet for the right family. Their steely blue/gray fur is short, smooth and one length so it’s extremely easy to groom and look after.


Hairless cat (image sourced from Wikipedia)

If you’re looking for a truly striking and unusual cat, a hairless bambino could be for you. Their short stature and kitten- like appearance lead to the breed name ‘bambino’ which is ‘baby’ in Italian. They’re not for everyone, but if you can see beauty past what a traditional fluffy cat looks like these are incredible personalities. With smooth skin large ears and short legs, they walk with a waddle but have plenty of sass. They’re mischievous, playful and fun cats to own. Despite their short legs similar to dachshund dogs, they don’t actually suffer from any back issues which is good news. They don’t have many health issues in general, but of course being hairless does cause some issues furry cats don’t need to consider. They can be burned in the sun, and can also get colder in winter. You can buy custom jumpers for pets lots of places online, which is a good option for hairless breeds. Having no hair means less dander and therefore fewer allergies and irritation to car hair sufferers. However, it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook with grooming, with no hair to absorb the oils from the skin bambinos need to be washed with a mild soap on a regular basis. Their eyes, skin, and nails will need cleaning too, and this is something you will need to do for the duration of the cat’s life. We all know cats and water don’t get along brilliantly, so getting your cat used to this when they are small can help. Plenty of play times and a treat will help create positive reinforcement.

Any cat you purchase can be prone to genetic problems. However, when it comes to pedigrees like these, it can be even more of an issue. People trying to make a quick buck and practicing bad breeding can cause problems in the offspring. So if you’re purchasing a pedigree cat, be sure to do your research on the breeder. They’re expensive pets, trying to save money will only lead to expensive vet bills and heartache later down the line if your cat develops health concerns. Always do your research, and as well as looks choose a cat whose personality and temperament works well with what you’re after. Maybe you want an energetic cat who will follow you everywhere, or perhaps a more placid and chilled out cat would suit your situation more.

Do you own any of these breeds? Which would you most like to go for if you were adding a new cat to your family?

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  1. You truly have selected some of the most perfect cat breeds. I have owned a couple of bengal cross and they are a ball of fun, I also like the Maine Coon, guessing I have a thing for big cats.

    Thanks for such a cute post, Tessa

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