Car servicing tips to keep you driving safely…

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For many families the car we drive is an essential part of life, used for getting to school, family activities, work, shopping, appointments, and for going on holiday. This post contains some car servicing tips to keep you driving safely.

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It’s pretty important to make sure that your car is working well, and is safe to drive. You need to protect yourself as the driver, as well as your passengers, and even those around you on the road.

Making sure your car has had it’s basic service every year, to check that it’s in good working order, and roadworthy is vital. There are certain legal requirements every car has to meet, annually, in the UK for a car to be declared safe to drive, but beyond that, you as the driver or person responsible for your car, there are things that you need to check regularly to make sure too.

Things like:

Checking your tires are in good shape, with no damage or too much wear, and also making sure you know how to change a tire, or perform a basic repair in an emergency. Checking the air pressure is correct in your tires, particularly if you are travelling and have a lot of luggage in your car.

Making sure the water is topped up, and also if you are using your car in winter, that you have antifreeze topped up and working. 

Keeping an eye on the windscreen, front and back to make sure there are no chips or cracks (they can happen so easily and need to be repaired as soon as possible, to prevent more serious damage) and also that your visibility isn’t impacted whilst driving. 

Knowing how to remove and change your car battery, if you need. 

When the battery is failing, it loses its capacity, meaning it can hold less charge. If the battery in your car has low capacity, you may notice that when you are starting the car, the engine cranks slower than before. It sounds like the starter is “lazy” and not as eager to turn over your engine. You may also notice that the interior lights flicker and become dimmer than usual when you are starting the engine.

It’s not that hard, to change a car battery if you have the right tools and you can either do it yourself or ask for help at a local garage. It’s easy to pop in and get your car battery replaced from Ossett Tyre House in West Yorkshire

Check you have jump leads and the connections you need, stored safely in your car, just in case you need to jump start your car, or help someone else. 

Make sure all your lights and indicators are working correctly (you can end up being fined if you drive knowing your lights may not be working, if you are stopped by the police) 

Make sure your brakes are working, and know how to spot thinning break pads, and to get them replaced if you do think they are too worn to drive safely. 

Just doing these few things can help you to keep your car safe to drive and you and your family safe when you are travelling, even if you only do short trips, it’s well worth making sure.

What tips do you have for keeping your car running safely?

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