The humans went away and left me…

They don’t call me #grumpycat for nothing, you know…

They went away. They had the cheek to take themselves off to a fancy hotel, called a spa (I have no idea what that is, humans go to weird places) and they didn’t come back FOR A WHOLE TWENTY FOUR HOURS… They apparently needed a break and some time alone. How selfish is that? 

But what about ME? They left me with the children and a babysitter. They didn’t ask me, they just left. I was not consulted on this, nor did I give my consent. I think they are very mean, to just go off. Who was I supposed to snuggle in the middle of the night? (I don’t like strangers) and who would be there for me to complain to loudly, at 6am, when the children have shut the bathroom door, again, and I can’t get in to have my drink out of the sink, or use my kitty litter?

I wasn’t very kind to the babysitter. I woke her up early, to demand my breakfast and to be let out, because I can use the catflap, but I refuse to be accommodating, and she didn’t like my trying to share HER breakfast. The children were very good, apparently (that’s a matter of opinion, I don’t think children are very good at all) but I was grumpy and not happy. I sulked when the humans FINALLY came home, and refused to come in and eat my dinner for at least three hours. 

I am not letting them go away again, and I will let them know how displeased I am about this little episode for a long time. There will be furballs left, where they least expect them. I will exact my revenge…

Humans, pah, they really are the worst….


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  1. I’m sure our cats Boots, would definitely give you a high-five on this. That is, if she could be bothered. She’s a bit lazy, but please don’t tell her that. I’m sure you were glad to have your humans back though 😉 #animaltales

  2. Oh dear, you cruel, cruel people. You seem to have forgotten who is in charge and to have purposely ignored your low standing in the household! Disgraceful.

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