Making a ‘Mumback’- Going Back to Work After Kids

 The prospect of going back to work after having children can be a daunting one. Whether it has only been a couple of months or several years, it is easy to lose confidence in your ability to rejoin the workforce. The lack of flexibility suited to a mother’s needs in the business world combined with the soaring price of child care can often be discouraging or seemingly not worth it altogether. While it is true that going back to work after having children might not be as simple as it was before, it is possible to be successful at it. Here are some tips to make the process easier. One thing that is important to realize when you give birth and enter the world of motherhood is that you are acquiring a whole new set of skills. Motherhood is the most difficult job of all and when you update your CV before returning to work, you should include all of these newfound skills. For example, all mums are the best negotiators, project managers, communicators, and most importantly responsible. With so much on your plate all the time from the moment your child is born, hundreds of skills are developed in the course of your journey through motherhood. Be sure to use all of your online resources when updating your CV and cover letter. Finding an actual job is a difficult one. It is hard when you are anyone, let alone a long time stay at home mother with a dated set of skills. However, the Internet is a job-seekers paradise. All sorts of jobs can be found on sites like For instance, all you need to do is simply search for jobs in Birmingham, or wherever your location may be and use the key words that are most applicable to you and your desired career. Remember to pay close attention to the distance you are willing to travel. You don’t want to be too unrealistic about how much time you need to get from work to the school gates to pick up the kids. One of the most difficult aspects of deciding to go back to work is finding affordable child care options. This is why it is important to start looking in your area or asking family or family friends if they would be willing to babysit or nanny for a more affordable price, or if they can recommend a reliable alternative. You would be surprised by how many options there are out there. You may also be able to work from home depending on the sector of work you are in. Flexible jobs are becoming more readily available thanks to the accessibility of the Internet. Do not be intimidated to demand what you need from your employer. It is important that you value yourself and your voice like you value the voice of your child. It is easy to be intimidated by a male-dominated work force, but it is important that new mothers help to shape the trends in the work force, something that is wholly possible.

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