The Experts You Need On Your Side With An Old House

It is difficult to resist the charm of an old house. They are heavy in history and memories from previous generations: it’s the ideal home for a family who are looking to start a family, or who already have. Unfortunately, old houses don’t only come with bags full of memories. They also bring the common issues of an old building. The systems associated with electricity, water, insulation and even the internal structure can pose a serious health hazard. This is why most homeowners who fell for an old house begin to develop a very strong interest in DIY home renovation projects. But, unless you are a certified specialist, there are specific projects that you should leave to the experts, for your own safety for obvious insurance reasons too. Structural damages are indeed not covered by your insurance if they are caused by unqualified DIY.  

Don’t fear old houses: Just get prepared

The Problems With Electricity

Your electric system naturally degrades as it ages. Wires are can easily be damaged, through time or sometimes even with the help of an unfriendly rodent guest. The risks of an electrical fire increase with the age of your electric system. The risks of an accidental fire being started as the result of unqualified DIY work are even higher! This is why, if you notice any electrical issue, you should get in touch with professional electrical contractors to help you to sort it out. Hiring a professional contractor to change your wiring and plugging system will be money well spent.

The Problems With Water

Plumbing systems can suffer a variety of issues in old houses. They can have become unnecessarily exposed through the evolution of the house interior, or they can be built out of dangerous material, such as lead. Changing lead for plastic pipes will be an essential step in protecting you against potential health issues. Another common issue is associated with the presence of a leakage, as it is not uncommon for an old plumbing system to develop fissures over time.

How About The Insulation?

Old houses have a reputation for being cold and difficult to warm up. There is some truth in it as the insulation system could become defect over time. This is especially the case of old windows which can become less effective in keeping the cold air out. The insulation under the roof and in the walls – if there is any – could put your health at risk depending on the materials that are used. Poor insulation is also causing problems in maintaining a comfortable temperature in the house. It is important for your health to arrange the insulation situation in an old house before further issues arise such as mould patches or pest invasion.

The Risks Of Old Structures

Finally, let’s not ignore the fact that an old house comes with an aged internal structure. Stairs, ceilings, walls, all carry the age of the house, year after year. Unfortunately, old structures could easily fall victims to a number of dangers: Water infiltration over time could have weakened the internal solidity, a family of rodents moving in between the walls can cause serious damages to your structure, etc. It is important when you are visiting an old house, to ensure that you can have the review of an expert about your internal structure. If work needs to done, this is something that you should plan carefully with them.

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