Stuff we loved – March

Do we feel that spring may FINALLY be here? As you read this we are en route to Normandy for our much needed Easter holiday, and it’s April. I tried to pull this April Fools prank on my kids but they aren’t daft and refused to believe me or the article itself…

March’s round up of things we love or have been to and enjoyed starts here.
My personal choices are:

Skin treats for me…

Touche Éclat from Yves Saint Laurent. It’s something I’ve used on my face since I was 19, and it celebrates its 25th birthday this year. I feel rather old, but still loyal to it as a favourite. I’ve tried other similar products but it just doesn’t have any rivals.

Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face. My skin is suffering at the moment thanks to the hormones I’m taking so I’m trying out things to help keep it clear. I love this product. It’s so easy to use. Not cheap but a little goes a long way.

Antique Apothecary products. Particularly this combination of a facial oil and a toning spray. Again, helping to calm my unhappy, hormonal skin. I’ll be sharing a full review and possibly even a giveaway soon.

Urban Decay Self Adjusting self focus primer – does exactly what it says. Blurs lines, softens focus and works well as a base. It also does adjust to your skin, so don’t do like I did and layer on foundation without checking colour first. Let’s just say that Perma tan orange doesn’t work well for me… ?

What’s for eating round here? Eats and treats…

A slightly coconut theme? I was a bit skeptical about this hot chocolate that “fell” into my trolley, ahem. It’s rather nice, for a treat, though probably a bit too sweet for more than just that. I also love coconut oil. We use it for a multitude of things, in our home, and this one by CocoLoco is a particular favorite right now. 

I am also rather addicted to these snacks by Ape, coconut curls and coconut bites. No added sugars, or nasties, and I don’t like to share them, the kids love them too, so I have to buy them when they are not around. (Only kidding, of course I share, in fact they make good snacks for lunchboxes too)

Not coconut themed, but something we have enjoyed this month is Dolmio sauces, for pasta. You can read our review here. In the week, when I need to make a quick and tasty dinner, these are perfect. 

Random things, books we are loving…

Emily and I held a mother daughter book club with a few of her friends, and enjoyed the new James Patterson book Jacky HaHa, we are big fans of his writing for kids. 

We have spent a lot of time at Kew Gardens recently, it’s a perfect spot for roaming about, and the kids can run and wander and enjoy the gardens. We are looking forward to spending even more time there now the weather is finally getting better. 

A favorite place for us to hang out is The Bread Shop in Richmond. They make great sandwiches, and coffee, and they are famous for their Quarkinis, which my children adore. They have other branches in London too, but this is our local one…

And last but not least… this little piece of technology has saved my sanity several times already. It’s called a “Tile” and it is a device that attaches to my keys, I also have one hidden in the wallet that contains my bank card. Both are linked to my phone, and I can call either my keys or my wallet, when I have misplaced them (happens way too often the husband loves this new piece of gadgetry that prevents the “where are my keys?” cries almost daily!) If you loose things regularly like me, or need something small but that works to keep track of things (you can also login to their site and find your items, which is REALLY handy) then it’s worth investing in one or two…

So that’s us, for March. Do you have anything you have loved, that you want to share? 




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