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The flexibility of jobs, increase of technology allowing better communication and the ease of travel are just a few of the main reasons as to why more and more families are moving abroad with their line of work. Companies all over the world are looking for their best employees to go and help develop their business in another country, and while this can seem like a bid for freedom for most, there are also those who have their families and pets to consider.

Make A Deal

Chances are, with the majority of companies at least, there is some sort of deal to be struck up regarding your move and your family’s happiness. It could be that you have more work from home days when you get to your destination, or bigger holiday allowance to allow you to do more stuff together. It can be hard moving to another country, especially if you don’t know anybody there and/or have anyone to look after your children for you when previously you could have left them with an aunt, parent or family friend, and so childcare provision is often included – or at the very least is an option for you to consider when bartering.

Bringing Them With You

There is a lot that you have to make allowance for, with time, money and effort, when moving your family over to your place of work. You will have to look for a good removals firm to get all of your stuff from A to B, as well as taking an open-minded viewpoint with any concerns and questions that they may have about the whole thing. Although it may seem like an exciting time, for children it can be a massive upheaval that requires a greater amount of reassurance than you’ve probably ever had to give. You may also need to consider passports and visa rules and a second UK passport may be something you need to think about for members of your family. 

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Look For Closer Options

Depending on the size of the business that you are working for, there may be a chance for you to work closer to where your previous position was based. It may be a few hours less travel or just have cheaper flights to get to (this is especially important to consider if you have family flying out to visit you). It could be that you have the opportunity to do the same job in a more convenient location if you asked.

Solo Travel

It is becoming increasingly more common for one half of the partnership to go over to the new country of residence and use their holiday to come back and visit their family. This needs a strong level of trust and respect – which has been made increasingly easier with the introduction of smartphones which incorporate different methods of communication such as FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp. It’s easier than ever to get in touch with somebody at the click of a button, although it’s quite apparent that this is not the best substitute for having somebody there physically. It depends on how long the contract is set for; what could be inconvenient now could mean great things for your family in the future. It’s about weighing up your options and seeing which suits you (all!) best.

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  1. By leaving your lands, go to where has completely different culture, society and language. From there you will learn how to listen to others, understand them and the ability to communicate will become better. Your post is great! Thank you!

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