Ways to calm your distressed cat

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Is your cat still trying to claim his or her territory all around the house? Is your cat giving signs of increased stress and anxiety?

Don’t worry! Here are some ways to guide you through some of the devices that can help calm your cat. Diffusers and sprays emulate the smell of a cat’s natural scent glands so the cats won’t go anywhere near the destinations that the diffusers have been placed or sprays sprayed. Also providing a calm and happy environment for your cat.

ways to calm your distressed cat

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All you need to know about the devices that calm your kitten friend

The electric diffusers and some sprays are made containing synthetic scent hormones which are released over a radius from 50 to 70 square meters and last roughly a month each so they are sure to keep your feline friends away from marking territory anywhere in your home! Diffuser products such as Feliway Diffusers provide the largest radius of release.

The diffusers don’t just stop your cat from performing the act of marking their own territory but also help to calm the environment even when there has been a change in their normal habits or events such as visiting the vets. Diffuser products such as Feliway diffusers will help to restore calmness in your cat and make them happy again in the environment they live in as well as keeping your environment free from unwanted soiling.Advice and recommendations

Typically diffusers come with one 40 to 50 ml vial and it is recommended if your cat marks several rooms to get two so that the areas are covered efficiently.

It is recommended that if your cat is urine marking then a spray, as well as a diffuser, will prove the best results but the diffuser will be the preferred product of the two. If your cat is scratching to mark territories then the diffuser will calm the surroundings so that the cat doesn’t mark the territory in this manner but a spray will prevent scratching the same area.                            

ways to calm your distressed cat

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The diffuser also works on environments with more than one cat so the general calmness will increase when using one but a spray is recommended again for use with the diffuser for maximum effectiveness. The diffuser is the best fit for use in situations that are causing your cat the most stress, for example if you are renovating the house (there is a lot of noise or the cat’s normal habits are moved due to the rearrangement of the house), fireworks, parties, holidays, day to day when the owners are away for extended periods of times (if your cat is a nervous or needy cat), if you have moved house it helps with familiarizing with a new environment and it also helps to calm the cat in transportation. The spray is a more precise form of treatment to certain symptoms rather than a general calm that is provided by a diffuser.

Reviews of several different cat diffusers always come back with positives, from cat diffuser providers such as feliway to others such as store brands providers. Diffusers and sprays are a highly recommended product if you have issues with your cat marking territory or have issues with nervousness or anxiety in your feline friend.

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