The House’s Role In The Kid’s Education


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Parents are constantly looking for ways to make sure their kids get the best education. Francis Bacon said knowledge is power, and he was dead right. Studies show that poorer children struggle more in life, but not because of money. It’s because their background doesn’t give them the educational opportunities they need to survive and thrive. Luckily, your kids won’t suffer this same fate, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting a top-quality experience. A child’s education is so much more than the classroom – it’s also how they learn at home. Your house might be hurting their ability to learn, and here’s why.

Poor Facilities

‘Mom, the internet isn’t working again!’ Aargh!! Moms hate hearing their kids utter this one little sentence. Not for educational purposes, but because it’s an annoying problem. Kid’s lives revolve around the World Wide Web in 2017. Every parent just has to accept that as a fact. As a result, everything they do is controlled by the internet, and that includes their homework. Kids that can’t access materials online due to a dodgy connection won’t be able to take advantage of after school learning. This web page might come in handy if the above sounds all too familiar. The Wifi needs to be sharp so that the kids can access material online. If it isn’t, there isn’t the same value in learning nowadays.


Too Much Going On

Do your kids like to sit down and watch TV? And when they go to their rooms do they play on their laptop or desktop computer? Almost every parent in the western hemisphere will answer yes to both of these questions as technology is taking over. In fact, technology has taken over. Although software and hardware are essential tools for learning, they are also a distraction. Kids don’t have the best attention spans in the first place, so the fewer distractions the better. Of course, there is no need to take them away completely because that’s cruel. But, you can put a ban on them during certain hours of the day. Or, you can turn the TV off until they finish their homework. Once done, they can play on the tablet until their heart’s content.


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Lots Of Pressure

Parents have a way of pushing their kids to the limits. As a mom, you will do it even if you don’t realize. For the most part, it’s an excellent way to ensure their reach their full potential, even if it takes years! However, it can backfire if you put too much pressure on their young shoulders. Kids don’t deal well with stress because, well, they are children. They don’t know how difficult life is, and they shouldn’t know because they’re too young. Pressure, therefore, can be crippling. A parent’s role is to give them a push when they need one, but they also need to put an arm around their shoulder. Think of yourself as a sports manager where 80% of the job is psychology. All good managers know when to push and when to hold back.

Not Enough Pressure

On the flip side, kids can suffer from a lack of pressure. Every parent on the planet knows that kids are inherently lazy. Plus, they lack drive and focus even on their best days. The good news is that they will change, but only with their parents’ guidance. Moms and dads like to give kids space, especially when they are tweenagers or teenagers. Sure, kids need a lot of space because they don’t want to feel suffocated. But, they also need to know that you are behind them every step of the way. If you leave them to their devices, the odds are high that they won’t perform to their maximum. Sometimes they will need encouragement, and sometimes they will need forcing, but they do need a small amount of pressure.


Unproductive Environment

The house is where the kids work after school. So, it should follow the rules of the workplace regarding productivity. The main rule is that the environment needs to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Offices which take these factors into consideration tend to succeed and hit their targets. Take Google or Facebook as the two best examples. The house needs to do the same thing in the rooms where the kids work. Do they study in their bedrooms? Okay, ask them what would make it more comfortable. Maybe it’s a lick of paint on the walls or a desk with a chair. Whatever it is, it’s essential to the learning process.

The home has a big role to play in the kid’s education – never forget it.

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  1. The home has a big role to play in the kid’s education, it makes the kids develop perfectly. However, parents are busy, so almost parents don’t have time to play with kids.
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