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When you think about it, that title isn’t quite accurate because most people don’t find out that they are pregnant as soon as they conceive. In fact, many people agree that you should wait two weeks before taking a pregnancy test. That wait you can avoid the possibility of false negatives and false positives. Interesting, false positives are far more uncommon compared to false negatives.

But once you get that message on a stick, your journey has begun. It’s time to think about everything that lies ahead for you and your new family. That begins with one question.

When Should You Start Preparing?

Well, you should start preparing when you’re ready to begin reshaping your life to make room for a baby. There’s a lot to do, and we’ll get to that in a minute. For now, we should think about when most people start preparing, and that’s around ten to twelve weeks. This is when the rate of miscarriages drops dramatically, so it makes sense that it’s also the time when people tell friends and family they are pregnant.

Coincidentally, this is also the rough time where you should start looking at baby names, picking out the color for the nursery and all those other little decisions. It’s also when you should begin to think about baby-proofing the home. You do want it ready straight away.


Now, you’re probably thinking that children don’t start to crawl and explore straight away. Thus, Baby proofing doesn’t need to be a top priority. However, the last thing you want is to forget all about it until the first day your little one starts crawling across the floor towards the fireplace. Baby proofing is easy, you just need to protect any area that they might be able to gain access too. Sockets on the walls, low cupboards, and the stairs are some of the mains areas that can mean a hazard.

Celebrate Good Times

Of course, one of the best parts about getting pregnant is celebrating with your friends and family. That means it’s time to plan and arrange your baby shower. You can make your own baby shower invitations online, sending them out to everyone a few weeks in advance. Baby showers can consist of fun little games, lessons from other parents and general chatter about what parenthood is like. You also get gifts that should help you as a new parent, so don’t start shopping for baby items too early.

Waterproof The Bed

Finally, this might sound like a weird one, but you may want to think about waterproofing the bed. You don’t know when your water is going to break and if it happens while you’re in bed, it could absolutely soak the mattress. You won’t have time to clean it up before you rush to the hospital so it might be ruined by the time you get home. With a waterproof pad under the sheet, you can avoid this type of situation. It might not seem like a top priority but just think how stressed you’ll be if you have to come home to a soggy bed.

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