Amazing U.S. Family Vacation Ideas

TThoughts of family travel don’t need to drift too far away from home. You should definitely consider taking your family on a vacation that lets them see more from a cultural perspective, but this doesn’t mean you need to go overseas! After all, the United States is one of the most geographically varied and culturally rich places on the entire planet, regardless of what many naysayers would claim!We’re going to take a quick look at some of the best states to visit for cultured family vacations in 2017.



When people think about California, they often think about the technological allure of Silicon Valley. (It’s worth pointing out that Silicon Valley is just an incredibly dry business area, though.) But if you want to take the family on a real cultural whirlwind of a holiday in this state, then San Francisco is the place to go!

2017 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Summer of Love. It was more of an informal social phenomenon than it was an actual event, but its anniversary is celebrated with a cultural festival which has loads of things for families to do. You may even want to consider bringing the grandparents along – they may actually remember the Summer of Love!



Colorado may make you think of the television show South Park, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect place to show your children! Colorado is a brilliant place to visit if you want a family vacation, especially when you consider how varied the land is.

If you want to take the family skiing, then Colorado is easily the best place in the United States to do it. There’s also a plethora of adventure parks, as well as loads of animal sanctuaries, many situated in or around Denver. There are loads of reasons that Denver is a popular tourist destination for families, especially those who want to take a more cultural vacation – there’s a stunning number of museums!



“Arizona” and “vacation” in the same sentence usually brings one place to mind: the Grand Canyon. And we’re not too cool to suggest that you take your family there! After all, with all the worries that kids spend too much time inside with new technology these days, what better way to bring out the more outgoing and adventurous side of them than showing them just how incredible the outside world can be?

The Grand Canyon is certainly an effective way of doing that. Heading to Arizona can also be a great way of introducing your family to the culture of the Navajo people. If Arizona doesn’t spark a sense of outgoing adventure in your kids, few things will!



Want to enjoy a luxurious, sun-soaked beach vacation with your family without flying all the way to the likes of Spain or the Maldives? Then Florida is the place for you – more specifically, the Florida Keys.

Vacationing in the Florida Keys can often feel like you’ve gone overseas, especially with so many Caribbean cultural events in which your family can join. There are loads of family-friendly resorts in the Florida Keys, and there’s no shortage of things that parents and their children can enjoy together.

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