Yes I am that mother…

The alternative title to this is “I can clearly see your kid is sick, please take them home/I will rant about people who bring their sick kids to where other people are…”

I get that it’s annoying when your kid is sick. It’s inconvenient and means you have to re arrange your day, around a sick child.

I get that it means your plans change, and you can’t maybe get what you wanted done.

I also get that you may be tired and need a break from your child.

I get that you may be hoping that it’s not actually that serious and that you can get away with dragging them out and about and doing normal.

I’m a mum, this parenting life can throw curve balls at us, at any given moment. It sucks and sick kids are not fun.

However, I’m also pretty wise in my 20 years of childcare and parenting and I know that if your sick kid is around other kids, they will get sick too. It’s kind of nature’s way. Kids share germs in a rather mind blowing and rapid fashion. One is sick? They all get sick… 

If your kid is sick, with the stomach bug or a fever that is making them unwell, then for the love of your fellow parents…

Please keep them at home.

I am the mum/playgroup leader who will challenge you and ask you to take them home. I will explain firmly and gently why your kid should not be around other kids and needs to be at home so they don’t share their illness. I will not fall for excuses or random reasons why your kid has just thrown up and looks like they might repeat that any second. I can see when your kid looks miserable and unwell and if you try to get past me, you will have a fight on your hands. I’m kind of a gatekeeper, and militant about it, and proud of that.

I know, it’s miserable being stuck at home with sick kids. Been there, done it, it still happens to us too, but your kid needs to be away from other people until they are well.

Please don’t bring your sick kids to places where other kids are. Not nursery, not school, not the toddler group, not the park, not the soft play cafe, not the swimming pool.

Stay home til they are well again! The parents of the kids you have saved from getting the tummy bug or other nasty lurgy will thank you!

The end…

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  1. Absolutely love this post it’s annoys me so much when people send sick kids to nursery or okay groups a sniflle yes but sick and things like that is just very silly and irresponsible

  2. Oh yes. It’s even worse if you’re pregnant or have a new baby and sineobe bring someone brings out their child with chicken pox or worse.
    People also don’t understand that if you have a child with a chronic condition, ordinary childhood bugs can nshe them very very sick. It drives me up the wall too. Great post

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